Wednesday, September 23rd

In the waiting area, Victor tells Nikki that Nick’s beginning to understand what it takes to keep a family together. First step – he rejoined NE. Second step? Nikki asks. He’ll one day become the patriarch of NE – he’ll have to make the tough decisions. Listening, Vikki looks hurt.

Dylan updates Sharon that Sage is in the hospital buts she and the baby are OK. Faith comes out to ask what’s going on. Dylan likens it to hiccups. Nick and Sage will have a healthy baby, just like we are.

Ashley talks of Jack’s leadership deteriorating – he’s made bad decisions; hiring Gabe behind her back. He’s a liar. Billy tends to agree. And how about the disastrous merger? Kyle’s interruption is squashed by Jack himself. Ashley continues – she’s asking everyone to give her the opportunity to be CEO. Jack says a yes vote is to return the company – no is to give it back. It’s 3-3. Lauren? Yes or no?? Sorry Jack – Traci votes no.

Dylan and Faith are at CL’s. No, she’s not up for bowling anymore. Or cookies. Summer then asks Faith what’s wrong. Mommy’s sick again – we went to see her at the resting hospital. Sage is sick too. They (and the babies) will be better soon. Doing her best to cheer Faith up, Summer’s rewarded with a hug.

Sharon has a session with Dr Anderson – whining about her life being so rough – while Nick leads a charmed life. She’s happy for him. OK – it’s not fair. Good things happen to other people – never to me!

My Dad’s a powerful man who likes things his way. Yes, but Sage made him out to be a monster, telling him to leave. He calmed me down – he was gentle and kind. Nick wasn’t sure that side of his Dad existed anymore. He then leaves Sage to rest. In the hallway, Nikki tells Victor not to count on Nick following in his footsteps. Both are relieved when Nick gives them the good news. He also owes an apology.

Dylan thanks Summer for cheering Faith up. He leaves Kyle to update Summer – he voted with his Dad to reverse the sale. But hold of on the celebratory hug – they were outvoted by those looking at short term gains, not long term repercussions. Kyle was happy to stand by his awesome Dad. THIS is the guy he always wanted to be like – not the one who handed him keys to his Ferrari.

Meeting over, Jack worries about this blowing up in Jabot’s face. After Billy leaves, Ashley asks Jack where things stand ‘with us’. Jack won’t let it come between them. He has no ‘next move’, He’ll live with the vote. But Ashley must know that she hasn’t just bought a company – she’s reignited a war.

Nick shouldn’t have blamed Victor – he didn’t have all the facts – and should have thanked him. Don’t ever apologize for defending your family – Victor knows what it takes to protect those he loves. See you at the office tomorrow ~hug~ Vikki then strolls over to take her wrath out on Nick – for someone who says he never wanted to have anything to do with the family business, you sure have set yourself up nicely to have it all. Nick’s like ‘what’???

Dylan’s back with Faith (who’s once again pouting) Summer will be spending more time with us, Dylan asks her what’s wrong – sometimes saying things out loud makes them not so scary. What will happen to me if Mommy doesn’t get better? Faith sniffles – and if something happens to Daddy. Nothing will happen to your Dad and your Mom’s getting stronger every day. Dylan’s not going anywhere, I promise. Faith launches herself into his arms.

Sharon confides in Dr A – Nick gets to spend more time with Faith – I’m viewed as the lesser parent.