Wednesday, September 23rd

Vikki heard Dad – all the glowing compliments; how proud he is of you. That’s what you took from that? I was apologizing. Vikki can’t believe Nick sold out – and that Victor’s taken him in as the golden child. Nick has no interest in running the company or family. Vikki does – she has nothing to show for supporting Dad. It’s because of Billy – want me to quit? Say the word, I will. No, that’s not what Vikki wants. She wants him to know what Dad’s capable of – wants to know they’re in this together. We are, Nick assures.

Alone in her office, Ashley thinks over John’s note to Jack – and his to her (wishing her luck as CEO) Billy returns to hear Jack’s not fighting her on this. But she’s clearly bothered about him saying this decision is reigniting the war with Victor. He doesn’t scare me, she shrugs it off – fear never got anyone anywhere.

Victor and Nikki stroll into the club. So you’re behind the Paragon Project, Victor accuses Jack – who says HE just went against his family to try give the company back. Victor doesn’t believe it. There will be serious consequences, he warns as he shuffles after Nikki to a table.

Next: Just give me a divorce. I will, on one condition …. Neil stammers; I don’t wanna lead. When I’m busy – I’ve got a stuff. Maybe you should tell us what’s keeping you so busy, Lily says (as Devon eyes Neil) …. Dylan tries to enlist Kevin – I need actual evidence and I could use your help to get it.

My Thoughts: Shut up Summer. What an insufferable, immature brat she is. The war between the families and companies has nothing whatsoever to do with you. You’re the most removed from the situation of the both entire families (except Traci; odd that Lauren was her proxy – Ms Fenmore also sits on the Newman board – but I guess we’re to have forgotten that) …. Sharon’s becoming beyond annoying – why is she so upset about Dylan keeping things from her to protect her? At BEST that’s what she’s doing to him (except her lie is also much bigger – and self serving) Now that Dylan’s promised Faith that he’s not going anywhere, he too will face the wrath of mini-me when he bails out (just as Nick did) If Mommy’s not happy, Faith’s not happy (and Sharon’s definitely not happy)…. On look – it’s Faith 2.0. Both are fine little actresses (but is it a stretch for a child to play a whiner?) but it’s annoying that they keep switching back and forth…. I actually somewhat liked Vikki today. Good for her standing up to Daddy dearest to defend her man. She has every reason to be pissed at her chauvinistic Father (but not Nick – though it’s very realistic that she’d lash out at him) But what’s the point of knowing what Dad’s capable of, if you’re never going to hold him accountable for it.. Jeez Ben – couldn’t you have lead with ‘it’s something minor’ instead of just saying that something’s wrong with Sage? … Why isn’t there a host or hostess at the front entrance to the club to seat people. You’d think someone would make a beeline over to seat the billionaire Newmans.