Thursday, September 24th

At the park, Dylan orders Devon to stay out of sight – let me handle it. He then meets the pilot (whom he wants to hire but needs discretion and someone who’ll break the rules; like not file a flight plan) The pilot won’t do anything illegal. Devon marches over to accuse him of flying a woman out of BVI – that was my wife! Where is she!?

Still at the club, Gwen calls Neil – she wants to make up for her foolish behavior (following him) Come over for dinner tonight? Neil can’t – he’s going to New York for a job possibility. Raincheck? Hanging up, Neil ponders aloud – he wanted to ruin Hilary and Devon’s happiness – but by bringing Hilary here, has he ruined his own??

Back at CL’s, Kevin’s hacked into the park’s surveillance system. Mike grumbles weakly – then watches (as Mariah arrives to join him) In the park, Devon shoves his phone in the pilot’s face – do you recognize her???!!! Despite the guy’s denials, Devon punches him in the face. Now he’s gonna spend the night in jail, Mike is NOT happy.

Marisa knows Noah’s not that cold. Yeah, well, Noah’s sick of being taken advantage of. Marisa promises to tell him everything – right now.

Patty’s knitting booties for Sharon’s baby – when’s it due? Sharon doesn’t want to talk to her about it. Yes, it’s your secret, Patty puts a worried look on Sharon’s face.

Next: Ian knocks down a spiral of dominoes – then looks at a photo on his laptop – hello Phyllis … Noah’s persistent – What’s so important that you had to swear to keep it quiet? It’s about Victor, Marco and Jack Abbott, Marisa replies … You’re trying to have the Abbott’s arrested? Vikki’s stunned. All of them, including your Mother (Victor’s confirmation stuns Abby too)

My Thoughts: DR thinks Sharon’s in a much better state than her previous stays. Stays? Plural? How many times has Sharon been in a mental institute? Visitors to a mental facility don’t just walk in off the street. Why isn’t there a specific room for visits? …. Dylan’s to meet someone he’s never met at Chancellor Park – but where in Chancellor Park? It’s a big place, and he has no idea what this guy looks like. That said, of course Dylan’s able to easily find and ID the guy (who oddly, doesn’t provide his name when shaking Dylan’s hand) … I’m so relieved Luca’s one condition isn’t one last romp in bed …. Patty’s criminally insane – why is she able to access knitting needles? … As an ‘officer of the court’ isn’t Mike obligated to report the assault he just witnessed his client commit? But I guess he’s just another authority figure who looks the other way as laws are broken left and right. The pilot should sue the billionaire who punched him without provocation (there’s no proof he flew Hilary anywhere) … Nice to see the Baldwin’s back together – it’s like the past year never happened. I wonder if that’s the last we’ll hear of Mike’s cancer.