Thursday, September 24th

The last thing Neil needs is a relationship. But Devon agrees with Lily – Neil should give Gwen a chance. As Gwen arrives, Lily and Devon step aside to watch hopefully (as Gwen would like to give Neil an explanation) Lily also worries about Devon (who’s still determined to find Hilary – with Dylan’s help) No, he’s NOT a cop – that’s why he doesn’t have to follow the rules.

On the patio, Mike catches himself focusing on work (instead of their date) Lauren doesn’t seem to mind – she misses Mike (as he does her) Spotting Kevin inside, Mike will always worry about him getting into trouble.

Dylan doesn’t want to get Kevin into trouble – but his gut tells him that if he finds the pilot, he’ll find Hilary. No flight plan – no contract – no name – no problem, Kevin opens his laptop.

Mike and Lauren’s date is going well – until Mike’s distracted by Dylan, Kevin and Devon having a powwow over Kev’s laptop. Lauren decides that’s it – no more dating – come home. We belong together. Being apart isn’t working for either of them. Go find out what’s going on over there, Lauren’s rewarded with a long overdue kiss. After she leaves, Mike joins the boys (guessing they’re investigating Hilary’s disappearance behind Paul’s back) Well, it’s too late for Mike to worry about his brother; Kevin’s found something.

Luca finds Marisa in a foul mood at Underground – her breakup with Noah isn’t his fault – SHE’S the one who lied. Luca forgives and loves Marisa. She now knows what love is and will do whatever it takes to stay with Noah – starting with a divorce. Victor won’t embrace you, Luca’s sure (like his own Dad) OK – he’ll give her a divorce, on one condition.

Courtney lied, Sharon reminds. Noah doubts Marisa’s an under cover cop. Not wanting to discuss it, Noah apologizes and leaves. There’s two sides to every story, Sharon says. Mariah’s left to be assured that Sharon’s fine. Mariah just wishes Sharon had told Dylan the truth – instead of miscarrying and trying to get pregnant again. Patty listens.

Sharon did what she had to do. Patty leaves before hearing that she’s pregnant again. Mariah’s happy things are working out so well for her and Dylan. Now, when can Sharon come home? Faith misses you. I guess I do too – a little ~hug~

Patty stops Dr A to say that Sharon’s faking her pregnancy. Dr A stops Patty from confronting her – Sharon has issues but didn’t you say we shouldn’t judge people? Don’t say anything about your eavesdropping. Agreeing, Patty will go talk to her stuffed cat instead.

Back at the club, Gwen denies she’s trying to score points with Devon. Neil apologizes. Gwen apologizes for semi-stalking him – but she cares. Neil believes that. OK – well – if you ever want to talk … Neil appreciates the offer (and is left alone to frown in thought)

Kevin’s accessed the records to the charter company – there’s only one pilot who wasn’t scheduled to fly elsewhere. That must be our guy! Dylan decides (and disagrees with Mike that this info needs to go to Paul) He’s already on the phone trying to hire a pilot (who happens to be in GC at the moment) Chancellor Park – 10 minutes. We’re on, he crows to the boys.

Luca’s condition? He wants the truth – why did she leave him – with Marco? He wants the whole story, the real reason. Noah comes in – we’re not open yet – please leave. You know where to find me, Luca tells Marisa and leaves. Noah relays that his Mom thinks she may have a good reason for lying to him. Why did you let him in here?? You believe ME – we’re through.

At the club to ask Lily about plumbing repairs at the boutique, Lauren confides that she and Mike are back together. Lily’s thrilled – and apologizes for blaming her for the problems between her and Cane. He forgave me – so I can forgive you. The Ashby’s are back together too. Gwen listens as Lily and Lauren agree – love worth having is love worth fighting for.

At the boathouse, Neil talks to Hilary about hurting someone today; ironic that it’s Gwen, who you hired to fake-date Devon when cheating on me. Truth is, she’s not in this alone. Neil has real feelings for her too.