Tuesday, September 29th

Chelsea concludes that everything going on at NE is due to a computer virus (that’ll bring the whole company down) Adam’s sure Chelsea’s line won’t go down with NE. Vikki, Abby, Nick – they’ll all feel this, Chelsea continues to fret. Maybe the goal was to take down Victor’s family, not the business. Maybe both, Adam says. Chelsea wonders if Adam still wants to topple Victor. Will he be happy with that even if he can’t take credit for it?

Sure Ian’s been out of prison, Victor and Phyllis think the Warden’s lying (or has no idea what’s going on) Phyllis has had numerous conversation with him in a trailer in the woods, as well as the park. He’s been wreaking havoc on my company, Victor demands an explanation from the warden – how can Ian Ward come and go as he pleases from this prison?

Returning to the club, Lily tries to brush off the press. But Devon DOES have a comment this time – there’s no truth to the rumours – the search for Hilary continues in the BVI. The assault in the park was a misunderstanding. Now at the bar, Devon knows he must keep his emotions under control. He had a dream about Hilary – she told him she’s been home this whole time. He wanted it to be true.

You don’t care for me – you used me! Gwen never imagined Neil would involve her in something this sick. It wasn’t all a lie – Neil didn’t plan on falling for Gwen. He started imagining a future with her. Once Hilary wakes up and clears me, we can be together. Just forget you were ever here – that you saw Hilary, he pleads.

Paul gets a call from Dylan (no news at the hospitals he’s checking) Cane ponders – there’s been no ransom note. Paul basically hopes the kidnapper hasn’t killed his bargaining chip. Hilary’s odds are better if she’s nearby (and whomever has her, has motive to keep her alive)

Neil will tend to Hilary until she wakes up to tell everyone what happened on that island – why I did what I did. The only way to make this right is to come forward, Gwen insists. I have to do what I have to do. If you won’t I will. Gwen!!!! Neil’s left to make a call – change of plans. I won’t need that ambulance after all.

Victor’s indeed not happy to find Jack and Kevin in his office. I’m trying to save YOUR company, Jack informs. Phyllis has a migraine – no arguing. She then updates Jack that Ian’s been relocated to the State prison hospital. He claims he’s been there the whole time. He acted like he didn’t even know me. Kevin and Jack have been trying to find out who Ian’s helper is. THAT person is still free. Victor thinks he knows who else might want revenge against him.

Adam isn’t happy that Chelsea’s been involved – that Jabot could be collateral damage. Ian Ward doesn’t care who he hurts, Chelsea opines. Baby, I made a big mistake, Adam admits with a sigh.