Tuesday, September 29th

You know who Ian Ward’s partner is? Yes – Ashley and Billy Boy, Victor claims. Jack scoffs that he’s busting his butt to trap his siblings. Call off the dogs and help me get Billy out of jail (he’s still in for an altercation during the arrest – Vikki and Abby got charged too) Victor tells Kevin to keep working – find out who the hell it is (if it’s not the Abbotts)

Adam wishes they hadn’t come back to fight for her clothing company. We should be in Paris right now. Chelsea’s just happy she, Adam and Connor are together – everything will be OK ~kiss~ After she goes up to bed, Adam pops out.

Oh Hilary – I’ve done my best – now it’s time for you to go home to your husband. I’ll take you to the hospital myself – then I have to leave town. The police will be here soon. We have to go

As Paul suggests Cane go home, Paul gets a call from Dylan – at Memorial? I’ll check it out.

At the club, Lily reassures Devon – Hilary will come back. Gwen races in – there’s something you need to know.

Gwen’s cut off when Cane rushes over to relay Dylan’s info – someone matching Hilary’s description was brought to GCM. Gwen’s all but forgotten as Devon rushes out (the Ashby’s on his heels)

Jack searches Ashley’s desk for info on where she’s staying in Milan. Phyllis is sure Billy will give the shipping company back once he knows Ian’s behind the sabotage of the Newmans. Jack’s sure they can put a stop to that madman; at least we know he’s behind bars.

It’s bedlam at the prison as the Warden calls Victor – he’s calling to warn that Ian Ward’s escaped.

Adam? Chelsea skips down the stairs. Opening the front door, she spots him coming from the neighbours apartment. When Kevin appears in the hallway, Adam claims he came from the roof. Kevin’s traced the most recent attack on NE’s system – it came from an IP in this building. Da da da dunnnn.

Next: Tell me quickly. I need to see her, Luca tells Noah (who brags him by the collar and jabs his finger in his face – stay our of my way! You’re gonna pay!! …. So you heard about Ian Ward escaping from prison, Kevin’s with Mariah …. Look at me – we’re a family! Adam asserts. Stop it! Chelsea slaps him across the face.