Wednesday, September 30th

Adam lies – he had a bad feeling so went over to check out the new neighbours. The door was ajar. Chelsea starts to put it together – So you went in – just like the night someone went into Victor’s office – the night you skipped Kay’s memorial to supposedly meet the real estate agent. Kevin says the accomplice hates Victor. It’s YOU! You’re the mastermind behind Paragon!?

Adam was trapped – Ian found out his true identity and threatened to expose him. He had no idea what the virus would do. Chelsea doesn’t believe it. I came back from the grave for you – to put my family back together – and yes, to bring down Victor. He wishes he hadn’t teamed up with Ian – but have you forgotten that Victor manipulated you – he wants MY son under his thumb. You let an escaped convict live across from us! This is your idea of being a good Father!? Adam grabs the phone – she’s NOT calling the police.

Paul leaves Noah to sit on Marisa’s bed – how are you feeling? You look beautiful as always. Who did this? Marisa was blindsided – someone just meant to scare her. Is it Luca? Noah wonders if she lied to Paul.

At the club, Devon continues to whine and rant with Lily and Cane (who tells him not to quit – believe that Hilary will come back) Devon leaves the club – we have work to do (the Ashby’s follow)

What if the supplies were for Hilary? There’s videos online that would show a person how to keep someone alive. Dylan has an idea to run by Ben – whomever took the supplies will need more.

Finding only Hilary at the boathouse, Gwen realizes aloud that Neil must have fled – he didn’t trust me not to call the cops. Neil steps out to startle her.

Marisa wouldn’t lie to protect Luca – only herself. He’d never hurt my physically. Noah reminds that she kept silent about Marco – and took him to bad to hand him over to Victor and Jack. Get some rest – Noah knows what he needs to do. Noah – don’t go to Luca – please! He exits.

Neil tells Gwen to make it quick – the clock’s ticking. Tell Devon where to find his wife. Gwen says that if he runs, everyone will hate and blame Neil. If Hilary doesn’t wake up – no one will know you saved her life. You’ll be alone – everyone who loves you will be changed forever. I’ll never be the same. She saw Paul but didn’t tell him. I don’t want to lose you Neil.

At the club, Noah takes Luca’s fine brandy and pours it onto the floor. Did you try to teach Marisa a lesson? You beat on women? You practically shattered her skull. Luca grabs his coat – what hospital? I need to see her! Noah grabs him and jabs a finger in his face – you need to pay for what you did to Marisa.

Adam won’t give Chelsea the phone – it wasn’t HIS idea for Ian to move across the hall. You and Connor are all I care about. Chelsea’s tired of the lies – you’ll never change. Adam wishes he hadn’t worked with Ian – he tried to move away from it when it spiraled. We’re a family. Stop it! Stop lying! Chelsea slaps him.

Adam’s not lying to Chelsea – he’s been trying to get out of this alliance. Prove it, Chelsea demands. You brought this ‘dangerous’ guy into our lives. Adam suspects he fled the country – any knowledge of the collusion can die here. No – because I know everything now, Chelsea says sadly.

At Underground, Kevin updates Mariah that Ian escaped prison. She hates that he’s free, but not scared of him. If he were to walk in, Mariah would crack a bottle over his head. Kevin won’t let Ian get anywhere near you. Hearing that Marisa was attacked, Kevin thinks he can help (and pulls out his laptop)

Luca would never lay a hand on Marisa – maybe it’s you. We’re both from rich families (who can get things done with a gesture) You’re saying your Father could have done this? Luca will go check it out – but ask Marisa – she’ll tell you I wouldn’t attack her.

Gwen couldn’t tell Devon – couldn’t turn him against Neil. She wants to help him resolve this. I don’t want your help, Neil rejects her.