Wednesday, September 30th

Don’t underestimate Ian, Paul barks into the phone – I wan’t him back in prison. Devon and the Ashby’s show up – what can we do? Help Dylan wade through false leads and dead ends? Dylan’s not on the force – and Paul’s already doing everything that can be done. There has to be a way, Devon says. There is – Dylan and Ben appear – we have a lead and with any luck it’ll take us straight to Hilary.

Neil holds Gwen’s arms – listing what makes her the kind of woman any man would fall in love with. That’s why he can’t let her be an accomplice. Worse case, Hilary doesn’t wake up… Shhh – Gwen will help (through Emma) Hilary will recover.

Ben lists what went missing – bags, IV’s catheters etc. Let’s put camera in the supply closet. No – Paul has a better idea – trackers on the medical equipment that will send out a signal and lead us to Hilary. Devon’s in – let’s do this.

Back at Underground, Mariah gazes at Kevin with love in her eyes as she ponders they’re so good at some things – but not others. We’re alone here – the door’s locked. As Mariah leans in for a kiss, Kevin does too – then stops; we should focus (on his laptop)

Noah’s back with Marisa – would Luca’s family take things that far? Marisa reminds that Victor offered her money to leave. Maybe he asked someone to shake her up and it went too far? It wouldn’t be the first time.

Chelsea’s not listening to Adam and his lies and promises anymore. She opens the door – get out – now. We’re both tired, Adam says they’ll talk tomorrow. No – there is no tomorrow – and Connor’s MY son. You’ll pay for all the rotten things you’ve done – starting with Delia. Now go. On his way out, Adam shoves Chelsea roughly against the wall – this is not the end. She’s left shaken.

Next: I thought you were lying about giving Paulie a grandchild but you weren’t, Patty grins at a shocked Sharon …. Ian has shocking news for Phyllis (at the park) – my brother in arms. Yes – Adam Newman, as I live and breath … We’re here now, Vikki and Abby are at Victor’s office. Too late! he bellows and bangs on his desk – my company is being brought down to it’s knees!!!!!

My Thoughts: So – I guess Ian was coming and going from prison. I guess that’s slightly more believable than yet another doppelganger… Wow – Adam really pulled out all the evil today. Chelsea shouldn’t forget who she’s dealing with …. Kevin should also be concerned – not that he’s in the middle of a clash of the titans – but that Mariah’s looking at him like he’s prime rib and she’s jest ended a week long fast …. Gwen – noooo – it was so nice to see an intelligent, straight forward, truthful woman in GC – but now she’s just another idiot willing to risk it all for the man she ‘loves’ … So Neil took catheters? And learned how to use them online? Those are definitely scenes I don’t happening off-screen … The mugger stole Marisa’s purse and ID, knocked her out – and left her phone nearby for the police to conveniently find? How on earth could Marisa’s description possibly match Hilary’s? Marisa is Latino, Hilary is clearly African American.