Friday, October 9th

Ester’s sure Summer and Kyle will be there soon with the tree. Jill makes it clear Chelsea’s not welcome – but Billy’s OK with it. And Chelsea’s OK with the name Adam being off limits. When Jack and Phyllis arrive, followed by Victor, all are curious at to how the arraignment went – but Summer and Kyle’s arrival with the tree interrupts the answer. After Billy places the tree, Jill says a few tear invoking words, then waters it.

Billy talks of one day sitting under the shade of this tree – sharing fun stories with Katie and Johnny. It’s a place where he’ll talk to Delia. He hoped and prayed for justice, but feels he failed Delia, until today – he kept his promise to her. Adam appears in the background.

Chris insists that Adam has no business being free. It’s only bail – he won’t flee, Mike’s sure. We’ll go to trail – you’ll make your case, I’ll make mine. Chris won’t let Victor stand in her way of getting a guilty verdict.

All take a turn saying a few words as they pour water on the tree. Ester, Lauren, Jack and Phyllis, Victor and Vikki, Abby and Ben, Summer and Kyle. Kevin – who then passes the can to Chelsea (who passes Connor to Billy and says a muted ‘thank you Delia’) Billy goes last. ‘Daddy’, Connor chirps. What the hell are you doing here?! Billy growls. Adam knows this isn’t the right time. It’s NEVER the right time you twisted son of a bitch! Billy’s furious. In the background, Chloe removes her wig and glasses to watch.

Next: With Cane and Dylan, Devon’s on the phone – please tell me where I can find my wife …. This has got to end – wait here with Hilary until Devon and the police show up, Neil instructs Gwen… If you’re so determined to do the right thing, walk the hell away and let us honour my daughter’s memory in peace! Billy tells Adam.

My Thoughts: How nice that Victor takes ‘FULL responsibility for SOME of Adam’s failures’? What kind of double talk is that? He’s either fully responsible OR responsible for some. Odd that Victor can take responsibility for Adam – but not for any of the things HE’S done himself…. So Adam faces one charge? Hit and run causing death? Here he’d face at least two; vehicular manslaughter and failure to remain/leaving the scene of an accident. Isn’t it also a crime to assume the identity of another person? And fraud every time Adam signed the name Gabriel Bingham? Whatever happened to that nosy estate accountant that was diligently checking in on Adam and Sage? Surely Adam will have to return anything he inherited from Constance (as he only impersonated her grandson) And Chelsea still needs to repay whatever she got in insurance and/or inheritance when Adam died … Of course the mystery blonde is Chloe – who else? I wonder where she’s hidden little Billy JR? (she was quite pregnant – with stolen sperm – when we saw her briefly last year) I hope we don’t have to wait long for her to reveal herself and cause some drama (though I’m not sure how long she’s back for) … Delia’s memorial was quite touching. Now they’ll have to come up with a slightly larger Gingko tree every year. Adam had no business showing his face at the tree planting. He could have approached Chelsea after she left. Victor had a lot of nerve too (and when exactly did he ‘dote’ on Delia? I know he bought her a horse, Pinkerton, but she didn’t ride it much) At least Mike had the good sense not to join Lauren at the park.. If Chelsea’s so concerned about not confusing Connor, why wouldn’t she take Anita with her? She watches him a lot and it’s not like Anita has a job or friends tying her to GC.