Friday, October 9th

Kevin drops by the penthouse to tell Chelsea about Jill’s tree planting in honour of Delia. It’s not a warning, it’s an invitation. No one would want me there. Chloe would, Kevin’s sure – she loved you – you loved her; please? OK, then Chelsea will be there.

Before the Judge, Adam stands to plead ‘not guilty’. Chris leaps up to demand Adam be held without bail. She and Mike then argue whether he’s a flight risk (with the expected list of why he is) No one will vouch for this man? Chris is exasperated when Victor speaks up – he will vouch for his son.

Kyle and Summer are back at CL’s empty handed; seems the tree Jill paid for was accidentally sold. They must call around and find another Ginkgo tree.

At the park, Jill, Vikki and Billy laugh over memories of Delia (no offense to Vikki but Jill thought her a perfect blend of Billy and Chloe) Lauren arrives to immediately whine that Mike’s representing Adam (who’s name is now off limits for the day)

Victor speaks to Adam’s struggle in his identity as his son – and accepts some responsibility for his failures. That said, he’s a great Father and not a flight risk (due to his son) Victor will pay any amount of bail. Chris repeats her argument. The Judge sets bail at ten million. Victor requests Adam be remanded to his custody and will bear responsibility if he flees. The Judge agrees. Congratulations, Chris snaps on her way out. Jack and Phyllis are equally pissed. Victor tells Adam that he needs to stop Paragon. Adam has something else to take care of first.

In her suite, mystery woman pours some sparkling water. Hearing on her laptop that Adam Newman has been charged with Cordelia Abbott’s death and released on 10 million bail today, the laptop is abruptly slammed shut.

Abby’s declining Ben’s invitation because she has a family thing to attend – in honour of Delia. Ben remembers (one if his worst nights in the ER) Abby wishes her Mom was home to support Billy. If Abby needs support, Ben’s offering – no strings – no playing hero; he just wants to help. Abby accepts.

Lauren steps aside to call Fen – just to hear his voice. When Ester arrives, Jill barks about the tree (no pun intended) It’ll be here, Ester assures as they all look at the hole in the ground.

Still at CL’s, Summer and Kyle are unable to find another Gingko tree. Spotting a guy drop a roll of money, Kyle returns it and declines a reward. Seeing the back of the guys jacket, Kyle and Summer run after him (he manages GC’s Botanical Garden)

Chelsea wheels Connor’s stroller into the elevator – wishing he could have known her Delia. Out sneaks our mystery blonde – and into the penthouse she goes. Replacing a framed photo of Adam, Chelsea and Connor, mystery woman hides as Adam comes in (to pick up the same photo) Mystery woman peers at him from behind boxes.

PISSED, Chris rants at Mike – what happened in there was a travesty to the justice system! Mike’s not worried that Adam’s a threat to others – he only poses a threat to himself.

Mystery woman watches as Anita (with a guy from the moving company) catches Adam – who wants to know where Connor is. Chelsea will decide what’s right for Connor, Anita says, then tells him they’re at the park honouring Delia.