Monday, October 19th

The Williams know about losing a child due to someone else’s actions – but that anger can be corrosive to your life and distort things you say. Like on a witness stand, Billy gets it – but Adam WILL be found guilty right? He confessed, on video and again at Delia’s memorial. It’s a strong case, Chris agrees, but Mike (and Chelsea) will paint Adam as a loving Father who was afraid to lose his family. Billy’s to tell the truth without any underlying bitterness. Despite Vikki feeling it unnecessary, Billy must go confirm that Chelsea won’t defend Adam

Chelsea can’t believe Adam would put his life in Victor’s hands – we can’t live on the run under assumed names. Adam IS relieved that the truth is out, but he wants to stick with the initial plan of living in Paris – last night was a new beginning for us. No, it was a good bye, Chelsea walks off.

Victor knows that Adam’s hate for him outweighs his love for his wife and son. But after all is said and done, he’s still my son. Vikki joins her parents – today’s a difficult day for Billy. Nikki understands that, and is sure they’ll come through this as they always have; together. After she goes for the sunglasses she left on the rooftop, Vikki’s left to fish – does Victor have something up his sleeve to help Adam beat the charges?

Back at the station, Lily denies she’s accusing Cane (who points out that she ran to Dylan instead of trusting him – the way he did her, even though SHE cheated) Cane then marches out of the station.

On the rooftop, Devon tells Neil more about the money Cane apparently stole – and the bad deal that cost Fenmore’s a lot of money. Getting an alert on his phone, Devon makes a beeline for the William’s (to see how Cane managed to make bail) Does this have something to do with Hilary’s disappearance? Nikki asks Neil – are they any closer to finding out who’s responsible?

After Chris steps aside to take a call, Devon demands answers Paul doesn’t have – there’s nothing to connect Cane to Hilary (he’s only connected to taking advantage of that to extort money) Paul warns Devon not to take matters into his own hands – stay away from Cane.

Neil’s shocked about Cane too – but under the right circumstances, we can do things we never imagined. Oh look – Cane’s arrived on the rooftop.

Victor has no idea how this will turn out for Vikki’s ‘brother’ – he didn’t see Delia that night – it’s a driver’s worse nightmare. But he hid after he knew, Vikki points out. She doesn’t need Daddy’s protection (from Billy). At a certain point grown children need to make their own choices and mistakes. Yes, but Victor gets to decide when that point is.

Adam joins Chelsea downstairs – she doesn’t regret last night – it was a step moving forward. Billy and Vikki need the next step to move on too – a trial. Adam will carry that guilt the rest of his life. He knows she’s scared – of how much she loves him. Dropping by the penthouse, Billy doesn’t really have to ask what Chelsea will say on the stand (she’s still in her robe and Adam’s there)

Vikki talks of the expectations of being Victor’s child. Nick and Adam were both torn between being their own men and wanting their Dad’s support. All she ever wanted was Victor’s respect (which yes, she knows she has) So imagine how Vikki felt when overhearing Victor tell Nick that he’d one day run everything – she got a small taste of how Adam must have felt. Victor has NEVER thought Vikki less capable than her brothers.

Chelsea looks guilty as Billy scoffs about Adam sweeping her off her feet – he’s just sealing the deal so you’ll testify as to what a great guy he is. He ran over my little girl – you can’t defend him. Save yourself and Connor – don’t fall for this again, Billy says then leaves Chelsea to look torn.

In the courtroom, Paul talks about Cane (he doesn’t believe him guilty) He’s a decent family man. Chris gripes about those who think they can get away with murder – but not on my watch.

Neil questions Devon – does Paul think Cane used Hilary’s kidnapping to get money? Or does he think he’s the kidnapper? When Cane comes over, Devon demands to know if he knows where Hilary is.