Monday, October 19th

Cane tells Devon to go to hell. As Neil restrains Devon, Cane blasts him – what the hell is wrong with you?! I stood by you and Hilary. I nearly destroyed my marriage to keep your secret. After Hilary disappeared I put my life on hold for you – walked away from my job, my family. This is how you repay me?! Devon shouts back – you had a million of MY dollars in YOUR house – is this how you repay ME!? Neil tells Devon to take a walk. You want to ask me if I know about Hilary too? Cane’s left to snarl at Neil.

Downstairs, Devon’s accosted by Lily – who admits she posted Cane’s bail. He’s out of control. Why didn’t you leave him in jail?! Because he’s my husband, Lily says.

In the courtroom, Billy updates Vikki that Adam spent the night with Chelsea. Across the room, Chris has a bad feeling that Adam ran. Paul’s sure Mike wouldn’t help him get away. No – but Victor would, Billy confronts Victor (seated beside Nikki)

Still home but dressed for court, Chelsea assures Adam that he’s doing the right thing. Of course she believes that he’s sorry. Go for Delia. She’ll take the stand to say what an incredible husband and Father he is. Adam doesn’t want to give this life up. But if he runs, he loses it anyway – because Chelsea won’t run with him.

Devon finds it hard to believe Cane’s responsible too – but all the evidence points to him. Lily still believes in her husband.

On the rooftop, Cane just wants someone to believe him – even Lily thinks I’m capable of this. Neil thinks this was an elaborate set up with a lot of moving parts. Cane’s encouraged – you believe me? The worst part is that whomever’s behind this might know the truth about Hilary.

Victor doesn’t know where Adam is but assumes he’s with his lawyer. If Adam runs it’s on you, Billy says. But Victor will lose a lot of money. Yeah and you don’t seem to care about it. And you don’t care about Adam either, Chelsea saunters in to announce that Victor offered to help Adam run – isn’t that right Victor? Vikki looks disappointed as her Father looks pompous and defiant.

Next: Ashley confronts Jack – Who are you going to be sitting beside Jack? Your brother or that scum who killed your niece? …. At CL’s, Dylan questions Dr A (and the paper in his hand) Why all of a sudden does she feel like her fiance is a distraction? We’re having a baby …. Patty tells Sharon – you don’t look like you’re showing. You don’t look pregnant at all.