Tuesday, October 20th

Exiting the club and heading for the courthouse, Jack and Phyllis bump into Ashley – will Jack be sitting on his brother’s side – or the scum who killed your niece? Jack and Phyllis are left to chat – she’s OK with Adam getting his day in court – as long as he’s convicted (and Billy finally gets justice for Delia)

In the courtroom, Chelsea tells all that if Victor had his way, Adam would indeed be on a plane right now (though it was just a trap) Victor encouraged Adam to jump bail, she clarifies. Mike then arrives – all (the Williams, Billy and Vikki) now wonder – where the hell is Adam!?

After a therapy session in Sharon’s room, Dr Anderson notes that she’s glowing (despite her tiredness) You’re starting to show – it won’t be long now. Sharon smiles.

Ending a call (nursery furniture delivery) Dylan’s confronted by Lily – she came to him for help and he went straight to the police!

Collin joins Cane as he’s having a drink at the club’s bar. He didn’t steal Devon’s ransom money but knows he’s heading to jail if no one believes him.

Back at the courthouse, Mike assures that Adam’s on his way. Yeah, on his way out of the country, Billy quips. Chelsea tells Mike that Victor tried to get Adam to leave the country (which he denies) If there’s a shred of evidence … Chris warns Victor. As all bicker, Adam arrives.

The Abbott’s, Ester, Jill and Lauren have joined those seated as Chris delivers her opening remarks to the jury – all about the vivacious 7 year old Delia Abbott, struck down and left to die at the side of the road by Adam Newman; who the defense will try to paint as a loving Father and husband; a good human being. The single most important fact is that a little girl is dead. Her killer went to extraordinary lengths to escape justice – but the truth always has a way of coming out. Mike goes next – no one denies a terrible tragedy occurred – that the family’s heartbreak is profound. But the defense will prove that Delia’s death was an accident that Adam didn’t know about at the time – he did not know. Chris then calls Chelsea to the stand.

Back at the club, Collin doesn’t think Cane would ‘soak’ his own brother in law. Cane reminds Collin of all HIS scams – but no, doesn’t think his Dad set him up. Lily thinks I’m a chip off the old black, he whines.

Dylan doesn’t think it’ll be hard for Cane to prove his innocence (if he is innocent that is) But look at the evidence. Lily gets that it looks bad. Dylan knows that desperate people do desperate things; even people we feel we know the best.

Dr A gives Sharon her meds, then pauses to watch her lie down. Patty runs over to her – please don’t lock me in my room anymore. Dr A can’t have Patty dispensing medical advice and alarming patient’s families. Patty’s sure Sharon’s in good hands and won’t meddle again. In her room, Sharon looks at her reflection in a mirror (rubbing a bulging belly instead of her flat one)