Tuesday, October 20th

Chris has Chelsea explain the night Adam returned from Connor’s DR appointment; did he act unusual? He was very upset, Chelsea says, but No, Adam never told her about the accident. Chris then leads Chelsea re: the move to Paris, and that Adam confessed on video. Mike then has Chelsea talk about Connor going blind. Adam was upset that night when he came home. He didn’t know Delia had been hit. Despite what people think, Adam’s a sensitive man – he loves children, Chelsea knows he didn’t know about Delia. Do you still love the defendant? Mike asks.

The Judge allows Mike’s question – Chelsea explains that Adam’s a complicated but good person. She tells the story of Adam saving her life and delivering her baby (as he delivered and saved Sage’s baby recently) He’s a good Father, strong and vulnerable blah blah blah. Yes, Chelsea still loves Adam.

Back at the bar, Collin finds it difficult to believe that Lily thinks Cane an extortionist. Talk to her, he insists.

Paul had no choice but to arrest Cane, Dylan says – Cane just needs to prove he’s innocent. It’s not as easy as it sounds, Lily mopes off. Dylan’s surprised when Dr Anderson drops by – to show him the signed no-visitor order. We’re having a baby, Dylan reminds – why would she cut me out of an experience we should be sharing together?

As Sharon reads a story to her belly, Patty bursts in – glad to hear that things are going well. Look – I’m starting to show, Sharon beams with pride. Patty doesn’t think she looks pregnant at all.

Dylan’s frustrated – how is Sharon ‘making progress’ by isolating herself? Dr A preaches patience – things will all work out as they should.

Sharon ‘carries well’ – but will soon have to get her maternity clothes out of storage. Maybe Paulie or Dylan can drop them off, Patty suggests. No, Sharon’s not having visitors. When Patty asks if the baby’s moving, Sharon frowns – you think something’s wrong with my baby?

Remind Lily that she married a man nothing like me, Collin leaves Cane as Lily joins him. Cane’s sorry he threw Joe in her face after she bailed him out. No, Lily doesn’t think he’s guilty. But she has something to say to Cane …..

Outside the courtroom, Ashley reassures Billy (who again lashes out at Jack – your buddy’s going away for a long time) Aside, Nikki asks Victor if he was going to help Adam flee the country. Why would I do that? Because he’s your son. Ester then tells Chelsea that she’s glad Chloe’s not here to see her best friend defend the monster who killed her daughter. Inside, Adam insists Mike let him testify. More than OK with that, Chris calls him to the stand.