Wednesday, October 21st

Adam grumbles about having to spend his last few hours of freedom with Mike instead of his wife and son. Mike suggests Adam plead guilty to a lesser charge – spare Billy having to testify. If you don’t want to spend the next 25 years behind bars, do it. If not for yourself, for your wife and son.

In the park, Chelsea tells Connor that Daddy has important things to take care of – he’s a good man – he loves you – I hope he gets a second chance. I don’t, Billy appears to say.

At CL’s, Noah needs Kevin’s help finding Marisa’s daughter. Marisa has a kid!? Mariah appears to ask.

Marisa awakens in her bed (and suite), Luca heard her calling out for someone in her sleep. He’s brought a rose, and a pearl necklace.

At the club, Ashley approaches Victor’s table – has he found a way to stop the Paragon virus? Victor warns that she’ll one day regret benefiting from Paragon – quit while you’re ahead. Knowing Victor would feed off Jabot until there was nothing left, Ashley just might do the same to NE.


Victor wonders if the companies Ashley’s acquired are infected with the virus too. Nope – she’s on top of that. In fact revenues are skyrocketing. They were at NE too – but that’s because of the virus, Victor adds (still thinking it will effect Jabot too) Stop worrying about us, Ashley heads back to court.

Jack’s at the station – I bet Adam could use a friend right now. He’ll be glad you’re here, Mike says. Will Billy? Chris appears to snipe. Mike has a deal – and it’s Chris’ job to listen to it.

Resigned to years in prison, Adam’s sure that once Billy testifies, there’s nothing Jack, Mike or anyone can do to prevent the legal system from having it’s way with him.

As Connor babbles to his stuffed dog, Chelsea and Billy step aside to butt heads over her defending Adam on the stand. How dare Billy say that Connor would be better off not knowing his Father? Chelsea wants no part of Billy’s anger. Turning around, they’re alarmed to see the park bench is now empty!

Noah tells Kevin and Mariah about Luca blackmailing Marisa to live with him for a month (and why) Hearing Victor’s stance, Kevin has to agree – Marisa’s trouble – stay away. Mistakes!? Kevin lists her lies. She’s just trying to break free of her past, Noah insists. By sleeping with the guy she claims she wants nothing to do with!? Kevin balks.

Marisa doesn’t want gifts – she wants to know where her daughter is. OK – she lets Luca put the pearls around her neck (even looking a bit flustered when he takes his time) Clearing her throat, Marisa reminds – one month. Heading downstairs for breakfast, Luca invites Marisa to join him.

Sure Marisa’s wild, sexy, hot ….. Mariah shuts Kevin up – stick to what you know; tracking people on your fancy computer machine. OK, Kevin will help find Marisa’s daughter. But first, he must do something for his own well-being (go see Adam convicted for killing Delia)