Tuesday, October 20th

Yes, Adam hit Delia. No, he didn’t get her medical attention. Yes, he covered it up by having his car repaired and burning a scarf he found in his wheel well. And did you return to GC a year later with a new face to avoid arrest? Mike’s objection is sustained. Chris continues – were you solely responsible for the death of Delia Abbott. Yes. Mike then has Adam relay what happened that night – he was preoccupied and driving on a dark road – swerved to avoid hitting a dog and left without knowing he’d hit Delia. When he found out he tried to come forward, but the truth was he had too much to lose – the life Adam dreamed of having. He didn’t want to lose his son. After an outburst by Billy, Adam says he’d do anything not to lose his son (but now it seems he will anyway)

Lily should have come to Cane instead of running to Dylan. Cane knows he looks guilty as hell and the cops don’t seem too interested in finding out who framed him. When Lily vows to help, Cane gives her a hug – thanks.

Tell Sharon I love her, Dylan asks Dr Anderson (who pauses on the patio to call GCM to learn that Sage has been released, and ask how the baby’s doing)

There’s nothing wrong with my baby – and Sharon trusts that Dr Anderson knows what she’s doing. Patty has a really bad feeling about Dr A – you don’t think something’s off with her? A push and shove ends with Sharon throwing Patty against the wall (surprising herself)

Does Adam regret what happened? Yes, everything since the car swerved – he should have confessed. He’d do whatever he could to spare Delia’s family more pain. He wasn’t being a man his son could look up to. I’m ashamed and sorry for the pain I caused everyone in this room. I’m sorry for the life I took. I’m sorry Chelsea – and Billy – I’m so sorry.

Next: I need you to help me find Marisa’s daughter, Noah appeals to Kevin … I killed that little girl and now it’s time for me to pay, Adam tells Jack … OMG – Connor!? Connor!!!?? OMG – Chelsea and Billy are frantic with worry (at the park)

My Thoughts: Adam himself suffered from severe eye problems? he was legally blind! … The road couldn’t be that dark and secluded – the corner store where Billy went to buy ice ream was open… Just because Adam showed up for court, doesn’t mean Victor should be off the hook for being willing to help him flee the country. You’d think Vikki especially would have asked Adam to verify that Chelsea’s accusations against her Father are true. It’s so annoying that Victor gets pass after pass …. I think Dylan can relax on the nursery furniture delivery – and why isn’t he building a big ugly crib like that white monstrosity he made for Connor? …. Patty had no business putting her hands on Sharon, but she’s the sanest one in that room. And who knew Sharon had superhuman strength? So Dr Anderson still has an interest in Sage and Nick’s baby – what possible motivation could she have for giving Sage’s baby to Sharon? It’ll be a miracle if Sharon doesn’t lose her mind (after first Victor and now her psychiatrist is messing with her mental well being) PK – so who IS framing Cane? … How did jury selection for this trial happen so quickly? Chris should lose her job if Adam walks free. And since she can’t bring up Adam’s other crimes, you’d think she’d have laid separate charges for said crimes. And as hard as it would be for the family, why isn’t Chris putting Ben on the stand to give graphic details about exactly what happened to Delia that night? The guy who fixed Adam’s car should also be called to testify… Victor doesn’t seem to be too worried about what the Paragon virus is doing to his company. Will Adam never face charges for that?