Thursday, October 22nd

As Billy and Vikki are at Delia’s tree, Kevin’s on the stand – since Billy’s left the building, it’s up to him to say ‘Delia was my daughter’. Kevin had two questions over and over; how and why!? You had the answers. Your honour, punish Adam to the full extent of the law. Jack speaks next – his family doesn’t understand how he could defend Adam. Billy’s asked for forgiveness for Adam. Leniency doesn’t besmirch his niece’s memory – it memorializes her kindness. Victor also speaks for Adam, not against. Ester talks about Delia’s scarf – she looked everywhere for it. But you burned my baby’s scarf, like it was nothing, like she was nothing. How could you do that? Chelsea can’t defend Adam’s actions – can’t justify his hiding, but she can say her husband is a good person, who’s loved and is loved. He confessed despite the cost. She begs for mercy, for Adam and our family. Would Adam care to say anything? Yes, he would.

Billy talks to Delia (via her tree) Adam was found guilty – you can rest now. I love you.

Adam can’t dispute the guilty charge – it’s something he’ll carry for the rest of his life (along with the pain he caused everyone) I deserve to be punished, but I have a little boy who doesn’t. Connor loves cars, robots and hugs – he’s funny and kind – he deserves a real family, who loves him unconditionally. I want to give him what I never had. Please let me be a Father to my son. The Judge thanks Mr Newman – then goes to deliberate. Adam and Chelsea embrace.


Devon demands Cane confess. Cane doesn’t know when he was at his locker last. Cane can see that Lily’s suspicious. You believe him and him, and the cops! Aside, Lily claims she hasn’t had a chance to think. It’s one thing after another. This would seem suspicious to anybody. Well Cane’s done explaining – I took you back after you slept with Joe (who’s also watching) I forgave you. I gave you my trust! Devon leaps in to defend his sister, and hurl more accusations at Cane (who obeys Dylan’s ‘take a walk’) Go to hell, he shouts on his way out.

In the hallway, Mariah wishes she’d known Delia, and is sorry she’s not helping. Being her helps, Ester assures. Kevin then snarls at Mike – thankful his client was found guilty (and hopes Adam gets a harsh sentence) Chelsea bleats through tears at Adam – I want you home. Ashley approaches Jack – what he said was heartfelt and sincere. Phyllis agrees with Chris; Adam should pay. If this happened to her daughter, she wouldn’t forgive or forget.

In the park, Vikki tells Billy that he lied when telling Delia she could rest in peace. How is that possible when YOU’RE not at rest? This isn’t finished. You haven’t let go of the anger. Billy reminds that he forgave Adam in front of everyone. What the hell else do I have to do? Forgive yourself, Vikki replies.

Lily leaves a ‘call me’ message for Cane. Neil can’t get a reply either – I’ll go look for him. Lily’s sorry. For what? Sorry Hilary’s still missing – and if she had something to do with it. It’s not your fault, Devon gives her a hug.

Billy has stopped blaming himself. The say it – it’s not your fault Delia died. Say it. It’s my fault! I’m her Dad. It’s my job to protect her. How can I forgive myself? Billy can’t. That’s not a word you ever said to Delia – she’d be rolling her eyes and laughing at you, Vikki thinks that if Billy had the strength to bury his child, he can bury his guilt – be there for his other kids. Forgive yourself. Billy sobs in her arms.