Thursday, October 22nd

The Judge took Adam’s candor into into consideration – and the impact statements. I hereby sentence you to 10 years. This court is adjourned. All rise. Kevin and Ester don’t think it enough. Tell Connor I love him, Adam says as he’s lead off. What do I tell myself? Chelsea cries. That I’m in Kansas. Nikki and Victor watch on.

Tea? Coffee? Food? No – Lily knows Devon has work to do. That leaves her to thank Joe for stepping in earlier when it got crazy. He doesn’t mean to overstep, but if you need a friend. Lily needs all the friends she can get – what will I do now? Joe runs her shoulder.

At the station, Paul and Dylan check out the surveillance video and the hoody. It’ll be analyzed. If anything links to Hilary, it won’t be good for Cane.

At home, Cane’s got his bag packed, telling Neil he won’t live with Lily if she doesn’t believe him.

The leafs blow on Delia’s tree. She appears in the background – I love you Daddy.

Adam’s lead onto the front steps of the courthouse. Open up – we’re ready to go, the driver is alerted. As Mike leads Adam to the transport van, a car speeds over and hits him. All are horrified as Adam lays motionless on the ground.

Next: Mike updates Paul – There was no screech of brakes or attempt to swerve. Whoever hit Adam meant to kill him…. Ignoring Nikki, Victor points a finger at Jack. Your brother Billy Boy left the courtroom just before sentencing, didn’t he? I want answers!

Has it really been three years already? Between a visit to the cemetery to visit my dearly missed Eric, seeing a brief glimpse of sweet Delia once more, or the heartfelt words of Kevin, Billy and Vikki, I lack the energy for thoughts. Losing a child is indeed a most excruciating loss.