Monday, October 26th

Abby’s brought Chelsea to GCM’s chapel – it’ll help, she’s sure. They sit – Chelsea spent a lot of time in here when they were worried about Connor’s eyesight. She prayed for her son, but will God listen to prayers to save Adam? Abby thinks so – so Chelsea prays.

Jack rants – Victor’s pacing like the dutiful patriarch (but has never been there for Adam) Phyllis gets it – but Victor’s his Father. Let’s focus on Adam. Yes, Jack does care about him – he owes his life to Adam (he’d be back on pills if not for him)

Nikki delivers the Mother of all pep talks to Sage – this is only the beginning – you’ll get through this – let the doctors do their job. They look through the window. In the background, Nick talks to Victor about how terrified Sage is. Victor also offers encouragement – you all have Newman blood – Christian will survive this. He’s a fighter.

Kevin leaves Chloe a ‘call me’ message, then swears to Paul that he hasn’t seen her. He’d tell Paul if he knew where Chloe is. Paul needs to find her before someone else gets hurt.

At Underground, Mariah recognizes Chloe from photos at Kevin’s place. Chloe knows that Mariah lives there and doesn’t care what their relationship is. She needs Kevin’s help. Mariah has a right to know what’s going on. This has to do with Adam, she guesses. Refusing to answer any questions, Chloe just wants her to call Kevin.

Back at GCM, Ashley knows that Abby doesn’t need her approval. Yes, but her opinion matters to Abby, and to Ben. Maybe he IS asking for permission – or at least that Ashley won’t hate them. Ashley loves her daughter. And Ben? OK, Ashley quickly gives her blessing. Now go ask Abby to marry you, she hands over the ring – good luck.

Phyllis asks Jack about the pills – you never said a word. Jack wasn’t going to dump that on her too. Kelly pumped him full of drugs on the island and the doctors gave him pain killers after he was shot. Every day, Jack thinks about taking more pills. But he didn’t, because of Phyllis – and Adam. He couldn’t put them through it again. Nikki and Victor reappear to say that Adam’s out of surgery. We gotta find Chelsea, Jack says.

Chelsea finishes praying – then questions why Abby’s being so kind. Abby cares about Chelsea; and there’s hope for Adam. Ben comes in to update that Adam made it through surgery. After Chelsea runs out, Abby tells Ben that some prayers are answered faster than others.

When the officer standing guard won’t let Chelsea into Adam’s room, Nikki, Jack, Victor and Phyllis all speak on her behalf. At Adam’s bedside, Chelsea’s overjoyed when he opens his eyes.

Still at the station, Paul’s stunned to hear that Chloe pulled at gun on Adam at the park (and Kevin defending her) He then gets a text – Chloe’s not at the hotel. Mariah calls Kevin – Chloe would like to talk to you – come by Underground. I’m on my way, Kevin gestures to Paul. Chloe smashes a bottle over Mariah’s head – you tipped him off you bitch. Hat back on, she takes off.

The doctor comes out to tell Nick and Sage that the patient is stabilized – he forgot to breath. It happens in preemies. Sage is pissed – his name is Christian!

Tubes preventing Adam from speaking, he squeezes Chelsea’s hand on demand. She’ll never leave him again. Get better – strong – then it’s you and me against the world. Chelsea will fight to get him out of this prison sentence. Come home to me.

The doctor tells Nick and Sage that Christian still has a fight ahead of him – no predictions but the odds aren’t in his favour. Sage cries in Nick’s arms.

Chelsea comes out to update Nick and Victor, Jack and Phyllis – Adam’s going to fight to stay with us. No, she’s not going home (but goes for a walk instead) She’ll remember who was here for Adam today. After Victor and Nikki leave to check on Christian, Phyllis leaves – she’s totally OK with Jack staying. He made it.