Tuesday, October 27th

OMG – yes, that’s a yes! I’ll marry you! The giggling and hugging comes to a screeching halt when Ashley appears in the chapel. Awkward silence is broken when she’s becomes the first to offer congratulations.

At the office, Billy flashes back to Ashley instructing him to buy up as much NE holdings as possible. Vikki waltzes in to guess Billy’s back to feeding off the demise of her company. Just the opposite, Billy claims.

Holding ice to Mariah’s head, Kevin asks Paul to tell the cops to go easy on Chloe when they catch her. She’s scared. No, scared is a frightened little bunny, not grabbing a bottle to crack me over the head, Mariah disagrees. Paul agrees – Chloe’s dangerous.

Finding Chloe at CL’s, Chelsea’s calm – Adam almost died because of you. My daughter DID die, Chloe only she’d driven faster. That’s not justice, that’s insane, Chelsea’s eyes glisten.

Why has Cane at the club with his bag? Wanna check it for ransom money? he’s sarcastic. Lily already apologized for not believing him. Yeah, well, Cane’s moving out.

No change, Gwen reports when Neil returns to the boathouse. OMG – did you see that? Hilary’s fingers twitch. The DR’s meds are working. Gwen calls him, while Neil pleads with Hilary; Come back to me – to us.

Chloe and Chelsea continue to debate which one of them is delusional and not acting rationally. What happened to your self respect? Chloe reminds – you swore you’d given up on Adam, then defended him on the stand. How is 10 years fair? No, Adam didn’t mean to hit Delia, Chloe knows that – but she’s the one who’s paying a life sentence.

Back at Jabot, Billy tells Vikki that he’s cancelling all deals ‘in the pipeline’ and selling off the assets at zero profit – he’s undoing the damage Paragon did to NE. It’s part of finding forgiveness – it felt so good to let go yesterday. And all credit goes to Vikki.

Cane’s had enough of Lily apologizing. You’re only hurting the kids, she points out. And the police are finding more evidence every day. When Joe saunters over, Cane barks – this doesn’t concern you. Sure that he’s on Lily’s side, Cane’s speechless when Joe tells Lily to cut Cane a break.

Admiring Abby’s gorgeous ring, Ashley vows to throw them the most amazing wedding ever. Ben goes to clock out, then will take his fiance out to dinner. Now alone, Abby wonders if her Mom’s really happy for her. Is Abby happy? – is Ben the one? Assured he is, Ashley’s thrilled (though her over-the-shoulder look says otherwise)

Dr Sketchy examines ‘the patient’ – treatment is going better than expected. Neuro-chemistry is fascinating, he blathers on until Neil shuts him up – when will she wake up? In a few hours, a few days, the good news is the patient is on her way back. Neil and Gwen share a smile.