Monday, October 26th

In the chapel, Abby talks about prayers being answered; helping you through the dark times. Ben thinks Abby more caring than she gives herself credit for. You’re special. That’s what Ben loves about Abby. Don’t go, he stops her.

Mariah? Chloe? Kevin and Paul find Mariah unconscious on the floor at Underground. She wakes up as Paul calls for help. Chloe’s not OK – at all, Mariah tells Kevin.

Chloe shows up at CL’s in need of her Mom’s help. Ester realizes she ran over Adam – she can’t hand over money and her car keys. She can’t help her sweet baby run from this.

Ben and Abby? Engaged? Jack’s updated by Ashley; who claims to be fine with it. Abby deserves a wonderful man – she’ll throw then the best wedding. Neither look convinced as they hug.

Ben speaks about how fragile life is – and on bended knee, brings out the ring – you make me laugh and see the world from a different view. I’m asking you to let me love you – let me be the one person you can count on the rest of your life – will you marry me????

Through her tears, Nick behind her, Sage encourages Christian to fight.


Victor sits as machines keep Adam alive – fight my boy, he says.

Chloe didn’t say where she was going, Mariah’s sorry to say. Paul leaves Kevin to apologize – he should have known that Chloe needed help. If Adam doesn’t survive …. Chloe said you were the only person she could turn to, Mariah adds.

You can’t help me? You won’t. Chloe lays a guilt trip on Ester – when did you give a damn about me Mom? You shipped me off to boarding school. You don’t know what it’s like to ache for your child. Ester does – she aches for Chloe and Delia. Chloe tears up – Adam’s a monster – at least I tried to make him pay, for my daughter. If you won’t help me, go to hell!!! Seconds after Ester leaves, Chelsea appears – you tried to kill my husband. Chloe says she should have tried harder.

Next: OMG – did you you see that? Did I just imagine it? Gwen calls Neil over when she sees Hilary’s fingers twitch …. Lily’s surprised – You’re moving out? I can’t stay in the house with you if you don’t believe a word that’s coming out of my mouth, Cane replies …. I need to be with my daughter OK?!Chloe tells Chelsea. Ester and Kevin arrive through the patio to look shocked too.