Tuesday, October 27th

Joe empathizes with Cane – having one’s reputation trashed with no proof. Lily says there’s lots of proof – and she was still willing to stand by her husband. Willing? That’s not the same as believing in me, Cane balks (then hopes Joe doesn’t expect a thank you after Lily marches off)

Back at Underground, Kevin defends the grieving Mother. Paul worries about Chloe hurting someone else – when she reaches out to you, help me put an end to this. Kevin gets a text from Ester (Chloe is at CL’s) As Mariah goes for ice, Kevin runs out without mentioning Ester’s text.

Friends don’t treat each other like this. Chelsea reminds that Chloe kidnapped her son (but was still the best friend she ever had) I care about you. You only care about Adam, Chloe’s in tears – you’re protecting HIM. Chelsea’s sorry Chloe’s in so much pain, but killing Adam won’t change that (or bring Delia back) No – you’re not leaving like this (she stops Chloe)

Let go! Chloe needs to go! No – Chelsea won’t let her get away with trying to kill Adam. Chloe needs to go. Where? To be with my daughter! Ester and Kevin appear from the patio to look stunned.

Vikki’s glad Billy’s ready to drop his toxic attitude. Nobody wants to feel something that’s fundamentally wrong. That sounds like me right about now, Ashley marches in.

In a suite upstairs, Ben’s got bubbly. But what Abby wants doesn’t come in a bottle ~kiss~ And off come the clothes.

Dr Sketchy explains why it’ll take time – this isn’t a tune up in a body shop. He doesn’t appreciate all the questions. Neil’s sorry – he’s just anxious. Gwen suggests they leave the Dr to his work. Call if anything changes, Neil eyeballs Dr Sketchy as he exits.

Still at the club, Joe doesn’t need Cane’s gratitude – give Lily some space. Cane doesn’t need advice about Lily – stick your help. Joe doesn’t know why he bothered. Cane does – you can’t keep your nose out of my marriage. When Joe basically says he doesn’t know how Lily puts up with him, Cane delivers a punch (one which Joe returns)

Thank God you’re here, Chloe runs to Kevin – Chelsea won’t let me leave. I need to get home to ‘our’ daughter. Delia needs me – will you take me to her? She’s not home right now, Kevin says. What do you mean? Where is she? Chloe asks.

Hearing that Billy now wants to reverse the Paragon purchases, Ashley announces that she came to the same conclusion – it was wrong. Vikki’s grateful; her Father will be too. When Vikki leaves to check on pizza, Ashley tells Billy that Ben just proposed to Abby. He’s ‘fickle’. But no, she has no reason to question his loyalty. Billy gets it – Abby’s flighty (but be happy for her) Sending Billy down for the pizza, Vikki asks Ashley about her thing for Ben – are you jealous???

Gwen arrives at the club to find Lily picking up overturned bar stools – Joe and Cane were fighting. This Hilary thing is ruining our lives – Cane moved out because I’m not ignoring the evidence against him. There to meet Neil for dinner, Gwen’s surprised to hear he left with Cane.

In an examination room, Neil scolds Cane for fighting with Joe (who ‘had it coming’) If he goes to the police, your bail will be revoked. And you have a broken elbow. Cane explains why he left Lily – she thinks I have Hilary stashed away somewhere. Who would do something like that?! Neil nods.

Hilary opens her eyes and lifts her head to look at the Dr though fuzzy eyes. She’s confused – and Dr Sketchy has nodded off.

Where does it hurt? Lily clip clops over to the bar to ask Joe. She then flicks him in his bruised face – for fighting in her hotel. She doesn’t need a painful reminder that she slept with him. Joe’s sorry he ripped her marriage apart. It takes two, Lily sighs – and infidelity is a sign something’s wrong in the marriage.

Back at GCM, Neil tells Cane that this is just another bump in the road. Too many bumps for Cane – he and Lily won’t work things out until Hilary’s found (and can tell everyone that he wasn’t involved in her kidnapping) Off for dinner with Gwen, Neil tells Cane to be cool – Lily will forgive you. Cane’s left to wonder if he can forgive HER.

Naked in bed, Abby’s distracted – by what her Mom said earlier. She asked if I thought it through. Perhaps she worries I got caught up in the moment. Is that what happened? Ben frowns.

Ashley denies she’s jealous. Vikki’s not buying it – how long have we known each other? You’re not good at hiding your feelings. Vikki sees the way Ashley looks at Ben – and the way he looks at her. My daughter loves him, Ashley won’t discuss it further – and no, she doesn’t need someone else to focus on. Billy returns – we’ve got a problem.

Where is Delia? Chloe promised to read her a book – I can’t break my promise. Spotting Paul’s arrival, Kevin says he’ll make sure Chloe gets home to tuck Delia in. Ester and Chelsea help Paul lead Chloe out. Mariah’s left to hug a distressed Kevin.