Wednesday, October28th

At the boathouse, Neil and Gwen worry – Hilary’s been missing 24 hours. Dr Sketchy is out looking for her (and not answering Neil’s urgent calls) At least the Dr did his job. But what if he went to the police? Dr Sketchy arrives to say he’s NOT going to jail. No, he didn’t find Hilary – maybe SHE went to the police – IF she’s still alive.

At the club, Devon suggests that Cane leaving Lily is for the best. Are you sure he doesn’t know where Hilary is? Lily only knows that Cane’s still her husband. At least he’s safe – Devon wishes he could say the same for Hilary.

Hilary wobbles around the park – somebody help me, she bleats weakly – help me please.

Chelsea reassures Adam. You’re going to be OK – can you breath on your own? Can you talk? You’re so beautiful, Adam asks what the hell happened to him.

In Victor’s office, Kevin types away while Jack and Victor bicker (over Jabot buying up NE) Kevin says he can’t resolve Paragon unless they work together – think you can do that? All look puzzled as the lights flicker.

Nikki and Phyllis are planning a gala for that night – hoping Jack and Victor won’t kill one another. The lights flickering, Nikki asks an electrician to look into it – they’re hosting half the town tonight.

Hands clad in black leather gloves are busy at work in an electrical room – using a laptop to hack into the electrical system (my educated guess)

Nikki and Phyllis talk about Victor reopening the restaurant a few floors up; aptly named ‘Top of the Tower’. It’s great PR after Paragon. No, Nikki sniffs – it’s about honouring the Delia Project (and helping children)

Chelsea updates Adam that Chloe hit him (and how she was captured) Of course Chelsea defended Adam – Chloe’s lost it; she started talking about her daughter like she’s alive. Adam doesn’t blame Chloe for wanting revenge ~kiss~ The good news is Adam’s not dead – the bad? He’s still going to prison.

Back at the boathouse, Dr Sketchy, Neil and Gwen debate what to do about Hilary. Neil’s OK if she tells the police the truth. She may not remember what happened on the island, Dr Sketchy points out (or understand that they helped her) Dr Sketchy will NOT do well in prison.

A jogger running past wants nothing to do with Hilary, who then sits on a bench. OMG! Hilary? Cane (arm in a cast) is understandably stunned.

Are you OK? It’s me – you’re safe – just sit there, Cane steps aside to call for help (as a terrified Hilary cowers on a park bench)