Tuesday, October 27th

Kevin beats himself up – he should have known Chloe wasn’t OK. Reassuring Kev, Ester heads out to the station. Mariah and Chelsea also encourage Kevin (who fears Chloe will never get over this loss)

Billy reports that the servers are going crazy. He was able to stop some of the transactions – but now look, Jabot’s assets are being sold at bargain prices (just like NE’s was) It’s Paragon, Vikki decides. This can’t be happening, Ashley frets.

Nothing has ever felt more right to Abby – her Mom’s just being protective (because of her history) This is for life. Don’t listen to anyone else – just what your heart’s telling you, Ben kisses his fiance.

Lily blames herself too – sleeping with Joe was a huge mistake (but one he can’t regret; all the trouble it caused was worth it) Lily looks effected by the praise.

After dinner, Neil and Gwen walk through a light snowfall in the park. This will all be over soon, Neil believes.

Dr Sketchy wakes up to find Hilary’s vanished. Mrs…. Hamilton? he squeaks. Where are you? Oh…..


Next: We’re going to have to kill the virus from both companies, Kevin tells Jack and Victor. Go ahead, Victor barks. Kevin can’t – unless the two of you can work together. You think you can do that?? … Before a big framed photo of Delia, Nikki asks a workman – could you find out why the lights are flickering please? Yes Ma’am… Adam tells Chelsea – I can’t feel my leg.

My Thoughts: Is Chloe using her deceased daughter to exaggerate her mental instability? And using it against Kevin? If so, it’s disingenuous and disgusting. If not, Chloe’ll could soon join Patty and Sharon at Fairview. I guess she should check to ensure her babysitter’s available for a few extra years now … Oh Abby – This is for life right? Not just some starter marriage? she asks Ben with a straight face. Ben should have reminded Abby that he’s already had a starter marriage – and has a starter son he did a lot of whining about but never sees. Abby should know that marriage isn’t forever – her parents have said ‘I do’ for a combined total of TWENTY times (including repeat and invalid nuptials) … Ben and Abby not only lack chemistry, they don’t even generate enough heat in bed to muss up Abby’s perfectly coiffed hair. And it’s kinda gross that they’re discussing Ben’s ex, and future Mother of the bride Ashley. Why would Abby need her Mom to throw her a wedding? She has a half a billion in the bank … Chelsea used to be smart, strong and independent!? She used to be a con artist! And she may not have needed a man to make her feel ‘complete’, but she sure needed one to pay the bills. Where was Chelsea’s ‘self respect’ while she was lying to Dylan (and about Billy raping her?)… Nice that Billy made the right decision – but shouldn’t he have run it by Ashley BEFORE he started selling companies for ‘zero profit’? … Sneaking off to a hotel Lily? Cane (and you) spend 90% of your time at the club anyway – it’s not like the twins will even notice.