Thursday, October 29th

Emma brings Ben in – call the police, he instructs, then wakes Hilary up – everything will be OK.

Back at the gala, Kevin tells Mariah that he’s working tonight, and isn’t happy when she volunteers them to wrangle the kids together. But tonight’s about Delia. IS it? Kevin believes it’s about making Victor look good – his son who killed Delia isn’t behind bars yet is he?? Mariah’s sorry. Kevin knows Delia would have loved this party. So you’ll help me out? Mariah looks hopeful.

When Abby shows Victor her engagement ring, he’s annoyed that Ben didn’t ask his permission. Actually, he asked me, Ashley smiles. The person in the devil mask/costume Faith saw earlier lurks in the background.

Kevin and Mariah tell Nick and Chelsea they’re free to go – it’s just a few kids. How hard can it be? Mariah quickly hands Connor off to Kevin (who’s much better with kids)

Dr Sketchy’s work with Hilary is revolutionary – miraculous; but it’s best he go (and they should too) Neil’s glad Hilary will get the help she needs. Gwen worries Hilary won’t be able to clear Neil – let’s run. No, Neil will do the right thing (and clear Cane) He’s made a mess of so many lives. He tells Gwen to go out of town til this blows over. Nope – they’re going to GCM – together – to make sure Hilary clears Neil.

Devon now believes Hilary is dead. Paul preaches optimism – if Cane’s telling the truth, she’s alive. Devon cries – Cane has no idea what I’ve been through. Devon wishes he could go back and do things differently.

Dylan just needs some details from Cane; badgering him to remember more. Cane noticed that Hilary’s arm was bleeding, like from a needle. That makes sense – she was being treated by someone stealing medical supplies. Dylan gets a call – they found Hilary!

Emma stops Devon from running into Hilary’s room. Ben comes out – she’s asleep. We’re running a tox screen to see what’s in her system. She hasn’t been able to communicate. The safest way is to bring her back slowly and carefully. Devon peeks in through the window.

Abby thinks Victor’s cute when he’s all stuffy and old fashioned – not like he has to pay a dowry. Abby makes good decisions – she’s happy – and not in a ‘swept up in the moment’ way – we promised each other complete honestly. Nick comes along to hear the good news. Nikki’s happy to see Sage (wearing scrubs that match Chelsea’s) ~hug~ you look lovely. So do you, they joke.

Kevin stops Mariah from handing out more candy – the kids are bouncing off the walls! Lily arrives with the twins to settle everyone down – no more candy. Faith then screams at the sight of the devil (this one is Joe; who Lily seems quite happy to see)

In the electrical room, the other devil opens the panel and begins cutting wires.

Moping over a framed photo of Delia, Chelsea’s handed a drink by Jack – who’s glad she’s there. Adam insisted – practically kicked me out of his room, she reports. Let’s treat this evening as a celebration. Phyllis tells Chelsea to be strong – for Connor.

Nick and Sage take a selfie. She can’t stay long. Nick knows Faith will be glad to see her too. Sage is so happy to have a family; a husband and son ~kiss~ Nick declares Sage best stepmom ever ~kiss~ Victor comes along to ask Sage for a dance.

Lily informs Joe that she told Cane not to come – she can’t believe he’s innocent – it’s a ridiculous lie that he saw Hilary in the park. When Joe asks the twins if they want to have some fun, Lily again looks at him in awe.