Friday, October 30th

Flames raging, smoke billowing out of the electrical room door, the man in the devil’s costume watches.

Mariah asks Mr Robot to leave his laptop to help her with the kids. Vikki and Billy arrive. Great – more kids, Mariah’s not thrilled (and neither are Billy and Vikki) The kids will be fine, Vikki reassures Billy – Kevin’s here.

Lily and Lauren join Ashley in admiring Abby’s engagement ring. Aside, Jack’s distracted – Victor tried to convince Adam to run, he gripes to Phyllis. Meanwhile, Victor’s gushing over Sage naming Christian after him. Noah chats with his Dad. And who’s that dude Marisa’s with? Her husband. Her what!? She’s not with him, Noah says. Nick’s baffled (cause that’s not what it looks like)

Mike drops by to visit Adam before he joins Lauren at the gala. Chris pops in too – she’s told the warden to expect Adam tonight.

Hearing that Hilary’s tests results aren’t in yet, Devon wonders if she’s confused because someone gave her drugs. Yes, of course he’s relieved thaat his wife’s back, but wishes he was the one comforting her. Dylan wonders aloud why Hilary’s so afraid of Devon.

What’s going on? Why am I in the hospital? Neil tells Hilary that she had an accident. Paul adds that someone saw her arguing with a man before her fall – do you remember who it was?

Tonight? Adam balks – and Mike protests too – what’s the rush? He already postponed punishment for TWO YEARS, Chris won’t let it drag on one more day.

Billy takes the stage and mic to thank the crowd and say a few words about Delia. Special thanks go out to Nikki, Phyllis, and Victor. All applaud. Jack then thanks Victor too – thankfully the night’s going off without a hitch. No sign of Paragon. So far, Victor agrees. The devil hovers in the background as Cane calls to update on Hilary. Hearing Joe in the background, Cane will be there soon!

Dylan wonders again – why is Hilary scared of Devon but not Neil. You think I had something to do with hurting my wife? DID you? Dylan asks. No – Devon would never hurt Hilary!

Hilary has no answers – and is confused; I’ve been missing for a couple of months!? Why was I on a hike? You were on your honeymoon, Paul informs. No – Neil and I didn’t have time for a honeymoon. Neil then drops the bomb – you married Devon. No – I love you – I’d never marry Devon (who walks in to scowl)

Paul leaves Neil and Devon to try convince Hilary of who she’s married to. Devon tells her all about their wedding – we exchanged these rings when promising to love each other forever. Then we went to the Virgin Islands. Neil looks nervous.

As Chris is telling Paul that she’s having Adam taken to prison, Ben appears to say his patient may have underlying issues – and it’s not Chris’ call. Getting a text from Abby, Ben has to go – WITHOUT signing Adam’s release papers. Chris is left to vow to Paul that Adam won’t escape.