Thursday, October 29th

Dylan and Cane march into the hospital. Paul updates that Hilary’s not in any danger. Devon realizes that Cane wasn’t lying about seeing her in the park. But he still thinks he’s behind her disappearance. This is crap – go to hell, Cane huffs off. Aside, Gwen reassures Neil that they’ll soon be together. He then goes to hug Devon – I knew she’d come back. When Ben OK’s visitors, Paul asks to go in for 5 minutes first. Is my husband here? Hilary asks. Yes, but first, some questions – what happened on the cliff? Paul asks. Hilary cries – I want my husband. I’m here! Devon races in. Don’t touch me! Hilary shoves him away.

Phyllis and Jack dance – and decide to focus on one another the rest of the night. Twirling beside them, Sage praises Victor’s dancing skills (as Nick and Nikki watch on happily; tonight will be a special night for the Newman family)

In the electrical room, all hell is breaking loose – ‘ignition protocol activated’ flashes on a screen – audio buzzes. Then the panel sparks and bursts into flames that quickly spread.

Mariah thanks Kevin for helping her – she was in over her head. Panting, Joe brings the kids back after a run around the building. Lily gazes at him in awe. It’s the kids final run through – be scary, Kevin instructs.

Get away from me! Get him out of here now! I need to see Neil – NOW! Hilary demands. I’m right here, Neil enters. Thank God you’re here – I was asking for my husband and nobody was listening to me! she wails. Through the window, a devastated Devon watches his wife clinging to his Father.


Next: Chris updates Adam and Mike; I just spoke with the warder at Walworth and told him to expect you tonight … Cane gets a call – is Joe with you!? It’s not what you think, Lily explains – he’s just here. OK, then I’l be there soon, Cane replies….As flames engulf the electrical room, smoke billows out of the door – and the man in the devil’s costume watches.

My Thoughts: Devon tells Dylan that if he doesn’t agree with him he needs to ‘get off the case’? How is Dylan even ON the case? The closest he is to being a cop is serving coffee and donuts to real officers (and having the Chief as his Daddy) Then Devon says ‘do your job’? So what? Pour coffee and wrestle with the espresso machine?.. Of course Victor doesn’t have to give up a dowry to marry Abby off – she already fleeced him for half a billion … Cane would like to spend some time with the kids ‘if that’s OK’? Why does he need Lily’s permission? They’ve always been 50/50 parents before – Lily’s a stay at work Mom, not a stay at home Mom. Cane’s the one with time on his hands (after scaling back on his work at Fenmore’s to help Devon – for all the good that did him) … Ah yes – a fire – how surprising Now let’s guess – who will save Lily? Joe or Cane? And who will Victor and Jack work together to save? …. If this gala MUST include a parade of noisy children, must it be AFTER dancing and drinking has started? Why couldn’t they march the kids through and get rid of them at the beginning of the evening? … Are the Ashby twins junkies? They seem to be overly aggressive and speedy all. the. time… Lily needs to stop lying to herself. Collin was on to something. She’s not pushing Cane away because she doesn’t believe him – she seems interested in Joe – again; which would (or should) be the end… Ha ha Devon – now you know how Neil felt seeing his wife in YOUR arms. And let’s see how Gwen (a stage 4 clinger) handles it… Boo hoo Chelsea – Connor lost his Dad for 10 years – Delia lost her life. If Adam had come forward when he realized, the Judge would have been more lenient (and everyone else more forgiving) .. Good job of making sure ‘nothing goes wrong tonight’ Kevin.