Thursday, October 29th

At the club, Cane’s on the phone complaining to his lawyer that the only person who believes him is his Father in law (who I’m not sure I can trust) He then hangs up to wow over the kids costumes; they’re in the Delia Project gala kid’s parade – and Cane’s not welcome to join Lily (dressed as Cleopatra) You’re out of control. You think the kids need to ge protected from me? Really? Cane scoffs.

At the station, Devon loudly rehashes all the evidence against the lying Cane. Or, Dylan suggests he’s telling the truth.

At the boathouse, Gwen updates Neil – Hilary recognized me and wanted to call her husband. Neil wonders if someone recognized Hilary. Someone did – me, Dr Sketchy arrives to say that Hilary’s at the village idiot convention mistaken for as a hospital. But she won’t be wandering off again. What have you done? Neil frowns. Pan to an unconscious Hilary.

In costume, Jack and Ashley are at Top of the Towers – exchanging barbs with Victor (about Paragon) Kevin arrives – he’ll be monitoring Jabot and NE’s system’s from Victor’s office using ASLR (whatever the hell that is) Jack’s invitation to join the party is declined – the best way Kevin can honour Delia is to make sure nothing goes wrong tonight. Here’s Phyllis – no more business; tonight is a celebration.

Downstairs Nikki (Mae West) chats with Faith; who’s asked to lead the children’s parade. Nick wasn’t able to get Sage to leave the hospital. Nikki encourages him to ask her again. Chelsea (still in her scrubs) carries Connor in; Adam insisted they come to honour Delia. Scared, Faith spots the devil (who runs off) Nick peers down the hallway wondering aloud ‘who is that masked man’?

Nick calls Sage (who’ll think about joining him at the gala) Chelsea can relate – she’s greedy for every second she can spend with Adam (who’ll be off to prison the second he’s well enough) Connor won’t have his Dad for ten Christmas’s/birthdays – it’s not right. Nick gives her a hug.

In Paul’s office, Dylan doesn’t get why Cane would say he saw Hilary. It’s a distraction, Devon barks – if Dylan doesn’t see that he should get off the case! Paul defends his son. Devon’s still pissed – no more theories or defending a guy who’s obviously guilty. What will it take for you guys to do your damn jobs? Hilary turning up dead?! After Devon storms out, Dylan asks Paul for permission to speak to Cane – Devon deserves to know the truth.

Dr Sketchy had to sedate Hilary – he couldn’t drag her out over his shoulder. She’s safe and we should leave town before she wakes up. Take advantage of this serendipitous opportunity. Adieu. Not so fast – Neil wonders why Dr Sketchy is in such a hurry. He wasn’t able to run any tests; he can’t publish without data. He saturated Hilary’s body with meds years ahead of traditional protocol. Neil worries about what’s been done to Hilary – did you revive her just so we can lose her all over again?

OMG – the whole world’s looking for you, Emma’s stunned to find Hilary sleeping on a gurney.

Lily doesn’t want Cane bringing his drama to the gala. Are you trying to keep me away from my kids? Cane’s not happy (also that Lily doesn’t believe him) You can’t do this. Come on kids – let’s go, Lily leads the kids out. Bye, have fun, Cane’s left to sigh. Dylan appears – what if I told you I don’t think you’re lying about Hilary.