Friday, October 30th

An affair with Devon?! Why would I have an affair with your son?! And why would Devon have an affair with his Father’s wife? What is wrong with you?? You and I are in love, Devon repeats. No – I love YOU Neil. Hilary demands Devon leave now. Neil tells Devon that pushing Hilary will only make things worse – you should go. OK, Devon will leave but he’ll be back. Hilary isn’t impressed when he kisses her forehead. Devon again watches through the window as his wife clings to Neil.

As soon as you’re able to be moved, you will be. And for now, Chris is having Adam handcuffed to the bed. Is that really necessary? Mike objects. Yes – Chris isn’t letting Adam escape again.

Nick and Sage’s exit is postponed when Faith asks them to stay for Mariah’s scary story. As she begins, Kevin sees that Paragon’s back (a devil’s face laughs on his laptop) Meanwhile, the costumed devil drags Cane into an empty office.

After Noah and Marisa return to the gala, Luca hands his wife a glass of champagne; I thought you’d wandered off. When Ben staggers in, Abby loves his zombie costume. The building’s on fire, he alerts everyone – we have to leave now! All stare at him.


Next: This is your Aunt Patty. I’m in town and I really need to see you – it’s important (Patty’s calling Dylan from the lobby of Newman Towers) … Adam begs Mike to help him get out of here – Please! Newman Towers is on fire! …. I need to get to Connor! Let me go! Chelsea struggles in Jack’s arms. OMG what is happening? Nikki murmurs in horror. Victor tries to calm the crowd – stay here – help is on the way.

My Thoughts: Hilarious to hear Hilary say what we’ve been thinking for almost a year – who would sleep with their Father’s wife?! (of course, Hilary will soon remember why she dumped the boring Neil) …. The alarm and sprinkler system MIGHT be effected, Kevin says – so needs to evacuate the building. If getting everyone out is his goal anyway, why wouldn’t he just pull the fire alarm and see if it sounds? Or smash the glass cabinet that houses an emergency ax and/or hose? <---- I swear I typed this thought before smarty pants Ben stole my idea. Newman Towers doesn't have a monitored system that takes action when the alarm points (IE fire/sprinkler) go offline? .... Why are the kids being held like annoying little hostages in the break room? What happened to the fully equipped/staffed daycare center Victor had built for Vikki's kids? At least there, they'd have books, toys (and probably the latest gaming systems) .. OK - so I have no idea who the devil this devil is (and I don't mind that at all; great cliffhanger to end the week on) OK - let's talk costumes. Almost everyone looked great. Neither Joe nor Victor tried hard. Lauren looked lovely. Vikki's suited her. I enjoyed Noah and Marisa's (he's the little tramp Charlie Chaplin; so I'll leave you to make your own 'oh the irony' jokes) I wonder if anyone's dressed up as a firefighter... If Connor was able to get off a bench and walk over to the park's duck pond, why couldn't he walk the lame 20 foot children's parade?