Monday, November 2nd

As fire rages, ‘the devil’ locks an unconscious Cane in NE’s file room. In the breakroom, Mariah tells the kids a scary story, while Kevin’s taunted by a laughing devil animation on his laptop. He quietly updates Nick – the elevators, wifi and his cell phone are out, and now this. Is Paragon back? Sage creeps over so as not to alarm the kids – she smells smoke.

Ben tells everyone they must leave now – there’s a fire – there was an explosion a few floors down! The elevators are out. The alarms aren’t working – try your phones. All quickly realize he’s telling the truth. Jack and Victor know Paragon’s responsible. When Chelsea tries to leave to get Connor, Jack stops her. Let me go! she yelps.

Chris and Mike bicker over whether Adam should be handcuffed to his hospital bed. Of course he can escape – like he did two years ago. It’s not happening again – not on Chris’ watch!

In the hallway, Paul and Chris are discussing the Hilary situation when Paul goes in to see what all the shouting’s about in Adam’s room. That leaves Dylan to take a call – it’s Aunt Patty – she needs to see him re: something important. She left Fairview to attend the gala so will meet him at Top of the Towers; it’s about Sharon. Informed by security that the elevator’s not working, Patty will take the stairs – she’s been cooped up and needs the exercise.

Physically restraining my client could impede his recovery, Mike claims. Where did you get your medical degree? Chris argues. Paul stands by his wife – and Mike’s sent out to fetch a nurse. Adam also gets rid of the Williams. In the hallway, Paul’s surprised to hear that Patty called Dylan. Not believing it, he’s about to call her doctor when his phone rings – New Towers is on fire. Adam overhears. Chris will call Fairview – Paul hopes Patty’s still there. As all run off. Adam calls out to the guard – get these cuffs off, my family needs me!

After a brief chat, Mariah, Kevin, Nick and Sage round up the kids – making a game out of herding them down to the lobby. Everyone buddy up – here we go!

From the stage, Jack orders everyone to stay put until help arrives. Victor concurs; Nick and Sage will keep the kids safe. Jack tells Billy to stay put while he checks on the kids. Billy gives him 20 minutes, then all bets are off. Ashley squirms as Ben kisses Abby before following Jack out.

After the guard refuses to release Adam, he begs Mike – he’s not trying to escape, he just wants to help his wife and son. Please! Knowing NE like the back of his hand, Adam can also help Mike find Lauren – please!

Nick and the parade of kids are on the smoky 17th floor. Kevin tells the kids to pretend they’re being chased by pterodactyls – stay low and turn your pumpkin lights on. Let’s go (they continue to file down the stairs)