Friday, October 30th

Mike assures Adam that Chris can’t move him without his doctor’s approval. Adam was selfishly hoping for more time with his family. Getting a call from Lauren; who says the children’s parade is about to start, Mike arranges a video chat, so that Adam can see his son in his Halloween costume. After Adam sees Connor (in Kevin’s arms) Lauren calls Chelsea over to chat with Adam. Victor asks Kevin to get back to security detail, then mosey’s over to thank Lauren and hug Chelsea.

Stop saying these things, Hilary barks. Neil bluntly informs that they divorced after he caught her cheating with Devon. Why would I do that?! Hilary’s devastated.

Marisa joins Noah to say that seeing the kids makes her miss her daughter – has Kevin found her? Not yet, Noah’s sorry. Marisa wants her so badly. Noah understands. Luca appears – there you are. Are you crying? She claims that Noah’s been cruel to her.

As Abby tells Ashley that Ben should be there any minute, he arrives in the lobby – and is told that the elevator’s out. Not wanting to keep Abby waiting, he takes the stairs.

Back in the break room, the twins ask why their Dad’s not there. Mariah says he’s probably making his way up all those stairs. Why is the elevator not working? she quietly asks Kevin (who doesn’t – but will go check) Keep an eye on the kids – you’re doing great. Mariah’s left to throw candy at the kids.

Kevin bumps into a panting Cane in the hallway. Yes, you missed the parade. He’s not sure why the elevators aren’t working – but the sprinkler and alarm system might be effected too. We need to clear the building – whatever’s going on could be dangerous.

Victor and Nikki pat each other on the back for a marvelous evening. Victor doesn’t think Paragon is completely over. Nick and Sage stop to say good night. They than chat with Noah; who’s just fine thanks – go be with Christian. He then tells Marisa that he can’t keep watching her with this jerk – come with me. Watching them slip out, Victor tells Luca that his wife just left with his grandson. Off goes Luca.

Lily chats with Joe – she’s glad decided not to come tonight. Relax and enjoy the Cane free evening, Joe suggests. On the staircase, Cane’s tackled (and knocked out) by the devil.

On the 20th floor, Ben checks the elevator (which is still messed up) Seeing smoke coming from the electrical room, he yanks open the door and is thrown back by an explosion that lights up the entire corner of the building. Ben lays motionless as flames dance around him.

Adam thanks Mike for going above and beyond his job as lawyer. But why does he want to anger his friends and family by filing an appeal. Mike’s friend Avery taught him about doing the right thing, even if it’s not easy. Adam would give anything to take back that night – to give Billy and Chloe their daughter. It was an accident – and Mike will never stop trying to prove that.

Billy/Vikki and Jack/Phyllis chat with Chelsea – Billy’s praised for speaking up for Adam; it’ll mean a lot to Connor one day too. As Billy takes Chelsea aside for a chat, Jack notes that the old Billy is gone. He’s better, stronger, Vikki thinks. Jack hesitates, then agrees. Meanwhile, Billy offers to help Chelsea with Connor if he can. He knows that her love for Adam will never die – just like his for Vikki.

Ben awakens coughing and pulls the fire alarm (which doesn’t sound) He then yanks out the fire hose; no water comes out. He then runs off down the hallway.

In an office, Noah and Marisa are making out – when Luca peeks in to watch.

Still in GCM’s hallway, Paul tells Dylan that Devon’s telling the truth – he didn’t hurt Hilary. Dylan thinks Cane’s telling the truth too – so what now? We wait for Hilary to remember.