Monday, October 5th

More shouting - as Nick and Sage deal with Adam being alive. After fisticuffs with Billy (and words with Victor) Adam finds Sage crying in the park. Oh no - her tantrum induces labour .... Phyllis blasts Jack - but no, she won't let Ian and Adam tear them apart ... With Vikki, at Delia's roadside memorial, Billy vows to kill Adam. Read more

Friday, October 2nd

**** continues to hit the fan. It's basically a free for all - everyone's pissed at everyone.... Nick grills Sage ... Jack snaps on Chelsea .... Kevin barks at Adam ... Billy flips a table on Adam - and Victor is furious with just about everyone - ending with Adam! Read more

Thursday, October 1st

Adam's secret is revealed - by both Chelsea and Ian (to Phyllis - who tells Victor) .... As the Paragon virus continues it's destruction, Billy buys up more of NE (much to Victor's fury) Even an appeal from Vikki won't stop him .... Paul visits Patty and Sharon (who's delighted when Patty confirms that the tests indicate she is indeed pregnant!) Read more