Tuesday, November 3rd

Paul wants everyone out safely – no heroes – let’s go! Nick and Sage overhear Dylan call in on the radio (reporting that Nikki and Vikki are safe at GCM – the chopper’s going back for more people) Paul tells them to go join their family. Nick still has family inside. So does Paul – we’ll do what needs to be done. Nick needs to see that his Dad’s OK. The fire chief comes back to report that the wind’s picking up (not good)

At GCM, Lauren and Mike wait for the next chopper load to update them (lines of communication still out) Mariah sleeping on his shoulder, Kevin’s using Mike’s laptop. Lily’s sure Cane’s fine – just looking for something to tell the kids. Nikki in the chapel, Vikki and Chelsea thank Mariah and Kevin (who doesn’t care that Adam will be grateful) When Chelsea decides to visit him, Kevin tells her that Adam broke out – he went to save you.

Son, wake up. Adam jolts awake muttering ‘devil’. He just slapped you, Billy quips (meaning Victor) They then update one another – Chelsea was rescued by helicopter. No, Adam hasn’t seen Jack, Phyllis or Ashley. Let’s get Jack out of here, Adam struggles to get up. Billy refuses to help Victor get Adam up to the chopper, he has his own family to rescue.

Joe rants n raves about Dylan playing hero (and putting him at the end of the line for the helicopter) Abby blasts him – she won’t get on that chopper until Ben and her Mom are found (and they WILL be she’s sure)

As the flames come closer, Ashley tries to remain optimistic. She’s not going anywhere without Ben.

Patty?! Nope, it’s not a hallucination or a dream. Patty never thought she’d see Jack again. Out of the frying pan into the fire, she giggles. No, Patty didn’t start it – she’s only here for one reason, to help.

Back in the lobby, Paul and Nick butt heads some more – get out of here. Nick will – if Paul swears he’ll get his family out of there.

In the chapel, Nikki shows the good Lord her wedding ring. I really need you now – I can’t lose Victor. Sure he’s stubborn but he loves that building and everyone in it. He thinks he’s invincible. He has so much to live for, like the new grandson who’s also at GCM, fighting for his life like a true Newman. We need more time to get it right – maybe it’s been right all along. I love him with all my heart – please bring Victor back.

Victor helps Adam to his feet – we Newman’s are stubborn. Your brother saved all the children, Nick’s probably arguing with Paul to come back in right now to save us. Victor then falls down coughing. Adam helps him along – I’ve got you.

Ashley, Jack, Ben! Billy finds Vikki’s office empty. Meanwhile, Ashley refuses to leave Ben. And stop acting like we won’t survive this. They hope Abby’s OK. Ashley thanks Ben for making her daughter happy by proposing marriage. You were right, he admits – I still have feelings for you.

Back at emerg. Vikki tells her Mom that all her grandkids are safe. Lily asks if they’ve seen Cane. No – but he’ll be safe. All drift over as Kevin’s trying to convince Chelsea that Adam escaped GCM. Nikki gives her and Lily a pep talk – between Paul and Dylan both your husbands will be OK – no one will be left behind.