Wednesday, November 4th

Sage and Nick are devastated and confused – they’ve only been gone a few hours – and want to see their son right now please!

Still in the emergency room lounge, Nikki remains hopeful; that Dylan can return Billy and Victor safely. Et voila! Victor and Billy appear for relieved hugs. Adam? He went in to help someone. Abby? Victor’s surprised – he told her to get on the helicopter. Well, she’s not here – neither are Ashley or Stitch.

Mom – we have to get out of here! Abby awakens Ashley. Both then try to do the same with Ben. He used his body to cover yours. Ben? Ben? It doesn’t look good.

In the lobby, Jack and Phyllis tell Paul that Patty didn’t have a pulse (none that Jack could find anyway – they were in a hurry) Paul must go up there. What if it were Traci or Ashley? No one can survive up there, Jack and Phyllis insist.

In the ballroom, Adam and Ian argue over who’s fault this is – who really lit the match. It’s too late to cry ‘fire’ now. Let’s toast to our success, Ian grabs two full champagne flutes.

Adam throws the champagne – sonofabitch! Ian’s parched – and YOU shook hands with the devil – to destroy our common enemy Victor Newman – look around – this is winning – WE did this. Adam didn’t want to endanger innocent people. Embrace our victory, savour it, Ian continues. You put women and children at risk. Ian scoffs at Adam’s histrionics – Chelsea and Connor survived. So did Victor, Adam says – he’s ten times the man you’ll EVER be!

When Victor angrily turns on Joe for taking Abby’s place on the rescue chopper, Lily defends him – and asks Dylan if he saw Cane. No, but maybe he found another way out. Joe’s sure he’s OK. Billy reassures Vikki; Abby, Ashley and Ben will be OK too. Dylan doesn’t have as much hope for Adam (though Chelsea tries to remain optimistic) Billy then lets everyone know why Victor’s not grieving for Adam – because he hopes he escaped.

In the lobby, Paul breaks away from Jack to tell the fire chief that he needs to rescue his sister. Sorry, but they’re clearing out before the place implodes.

Abby promises to get her Mom and Ben out – we’ll carry him. Unfortunately, they can’t budge him.

I shouldn’t have left him – this isn’t happening! Sage cries. He was just here. Both she and Nick place their hands inside the incubator.

How the hell is this possible? I never should have left him! We left strangers to care for him – he was OUR child – he fought to be with us every second and we left him – to dance and laugh at a party. Did he know we loved him? OMG!!! Sage screams. No!!!! Our baby’s gone, she sobs in Nick’s arms.

Go on Victor – tell everyone how you told Adam to run and start a new life, Billy taunts. He said he wouldn’t run, Victor reminds – it’s MY building that’s burning – MY tower is coming down – MY responsibility – but YOU don’t know anything about responsibility do you!? A relieved Billy turns to hug newly arrived Jack; who doesn’t have news on Abby, Ben or Ashley. Paul arrives to tell Dylan that the rescue operation’s being shut down – Patty didn’t make it. But Dylan did a great job – he saved a dozen lives. Paul can’t send anyone back in – for Adam or Cane (or his own sister) If you won’t I will, Victor glares.

We’re not strong enough to carry Ben down – go get us help – you’re our only hope, Ashley tells Abby – Go save us. We have a lot of life to live – I love you, Abby gives Ben a kiss, then heads off coughing, armed with a flashlight. No more tears – just go, Ashley says. I love you, Mother and daughter exchange. Ashley’s left to weep over Ben.