Wednesday, November 4th

Victor’s your hero now? Ian didn’t see that coming – now that the walls are tumbling down, Adam’s willing to forgive and forget? If that man gave a damn about you, he wouldn’t have left you. See how much Pops values your life – Victor deserves everything we’ve unleashed. Grabbing the devil, Adam’s not leaving and won’t let Ian either.

A social worker gives Nick and Sage her card – the doctor’s performing a delivery. Monica offers condolences, but has no answer as to why this happened. Would they like to speak with the chaplain? No, the Newmans want to see their baby. In some cases, extraordinary measures are taken to save life – it might be better that your final memory is of Christian alive. Sage and Nick tell Monica that they want to see their baby – now.

Victor will go back – it’s his building, his responsibility. There’s no way the chopper can go back in, Paul says, then caves in to Dylan – one more trip – but when I tell you to get the hell off the roof, you better follow my orders. Nikki sends Victor off with a ‘bring them back safe’. Billy’s told to stay put.

Laying beside Ben, Ashley has to tell him something – I lied when I said I didn’t want to hear it – thank you for telling me. We’re all going to die – it’s inevitable. I didn’t see this one coming. You and me. Crazy huh? If this is how it’s supposed to be …. I’m glad I’m with you. Ashley lays her head in Ben’s chest as the building begins to grumble and shift.

In the ballroom, Ian throws ash in Adam’s eyes – this is my story, my vision! Behold my creation in all it’s glory! They fight back and forth until Ian’s knocked out, under some debris. Not murder – justice, Adam says, then exits.

Jack now regrets leaving Patty. She almost killed Summer, Phyllis reminds – and tried to strangle me tonight. We made the only choice we could, the Abbott’s hug. Lily interrupts – could Cane have made it out? Joe reassures her – go check on the twins. Billy reassures Vikki and Nikki – if anyone can rescue those left inside, it’s Victor. And what if he rescues Adam? Billy’s counting on it – to face the punishment he deserves. Listening, Chelsea marches off.

Abby wanders around – hello? Hello? Can anyone hear me? I need help. Hello! Hello? a male voice calls out to her.

In the lobby, Paul orders Victor out, then, by radio, gives Dylan 2 minutes. Ashley, Stitch! Dylan shouts.

As Dylan paces around the ballroom, Paul shouts into his lapel – the wind has shifted – the pilot can’t stay on the roof any longer. Victor asks about those missing (including ‘my son Adam’) As stuff starts to crash and fall, Dylan says ‘I’m outta here’ (and leaves without noticing Ian)

When Chelsea arrives in the lobby, Victor tells her – they’ve done all they can ~hug~

Abby returns to Ashley and Ben – I found someone to help us. Adam won’t take Abby and go. They’re all going down together.