Wednesday, November 4th

Back at GCM, Nick talks of Christian being a warrior. No – he was alone and helpless, Sage disagrees. Monica comes out – take as much time as you need. I have to see Christian – I won’t believe he’s gone unless I see for myself, Sage weeps.

Though devastated, Sage must go see Christian – she was superstitious – the nightmares, the one where he was taken from me …. She covers her mouth – I can’t do it, I can’t do it! she sobs again in Nick’s arms.

In emerg. Dylan takes a moment to regroup, then updates Jack, Lily etc. He didn’t find anyone else. Nikki reassures her ‘hero’ – no need to be sorry. Vikki and Billy agree. Victor? He and Chelsea are safe with Paul. No, Dylan doesn’t think anyone left in the building will make it out.

Ian’s hand twitches, his eyes open. Help me, he croaks. Patty appears – maybe we can help each other – whaddaya say hot stuff?

In the lobby, Paul’s ordering Victor and Chelsea out when Adam appears carrying Ben, Ashley and Abby behind him. Victor and Adam’s eyes meet as the rest tend to Stitch.


Next: All are gathered as Chris appears, arms folded, to announce that Adam Newman now faces additional charges for escaping custody…. Patty seemed lucid – she told us she came to warn Dylan about something, Jack puzzles with Phyllis … You find a good attorney, because you’re gonna need one! a livid Paul hisses at Dr Anderson.

My Thoughts: Why was Abby sent for help and Ashley left with Ben? You’d think it’d be the other way around. Abby’s already wandered off once and didn’t accomplish anything (though of course this time, in a huge 20+ floor building, she found the only other person walking around) … Where the heck is Cane? … How odd that Ian was able to find two champagne flutes, full but without any debris. Then on the same table, he fists enough ash to throw in Adam’s eyes to overpower him. If there’s champagne still about, and presumably ice buckets, why wasn’t anyone soaking their clothes or better yet tablecloths, to protect themselves from the fire. Abby’s feathers should have caught fire immediately … Oh great – Patty and Ian will make one helluva team … Didn’t Paul just say the building could come down at any minute? Shouldn’t they carry Ben OUT of the building and get far, far, away? If the tower comes down, it’ll be dangerous for 1/4 half mile radius (just a guess, but it sounds more accurate than what’s going on) … Losing a child sucks – big time – any time. But I think a special agony is reserved for those who lose a baby. I may not care for the character of Sage, haven’t really paid much attention to her, but she did a stellar job today – I didn’t even really notice Nick; her grief completely dominated their scenes… Line of the day again goes to Victor – ‘could Dylan kindly go back in there and save my daughter’? Like he’s asking him to kindly pass the green pees.