Monday, November 9th

Vikki joins Billy in the background – to watch as Jack offers Victor Jabot office space. It’s practical. Victor won’t let Jack play hero. He’ll rebuild NE again – just watch me.

OK – let’s talk truth. Marisa knows that Luca’s aware she was with Noah. She agreed to give him a month – to find her daughter. Where is she!? You wanted to have sex with Noah more than finding her. You made your choice – and Luca’s made his (he leaves Marisa to worry)

Chelsea and Noah are with Phyllis and Nick – he must say good bye to Christian for both of us (him and Sage)

His guard waiting outside, Adam visits Sage – he’s sorry. People make everything about themselves, she opines – their loss – their guilt. Sage is back to where she started – with nothing. You’ll never understand – Nick can go back to his life, his children. That’s where he is. I’m stuck here with nothing – because MY baby is gone. Adam takes her hand.

Vikki scolds her stubborn Dad for rejecting Jack’s kind offer. Billy claims it’s not a scheme – it’s an act of decency. Victor thinks he’s trying to get a piece of NE. OK – Vikki tells him to rebuild NE without her. You did say you wanted to rebuild NE by yourself, Jack reminds – now you may get that chance. You bet, Victor snaps.


Next: Near tears, Nick addresses his gathered family (including Adam and Chelsea) – Christian Andrew Newman that’s why we’re here today, to honour his brief time on earth … Gwen loves Neil and would do anything for him. Just how far would you go? Devon wonders … GCPD – Paul shows his badge to a guy flapping his jaw (at a hospital) Mind if I ask you a few questions?

My Thoughts: I guess we’re not supposed to wonder where Kyle’s been? OK – I can do that …. Chelsea’s always spouting off about ‘confusing’ Connor – so how will she explain why Daddy’s handcuffed to a hospital bed – with an policeman outside the door? … Billy’s plan is stupid – why would Victor need to set up shop at Jabot? Surely he owns a few other buildings around town. At least we won’t have to look at that evil young-Victor portrait anymore, or that stone torso bust-thing that was mounted to the wall … If Luca wants to live with Marisa as a ‘family’ why hasn’t he brought their daughter into the mix? … Ashley’s not a responsible CEO – she’s always missing and not reachable. It’d serve her right to come back and bump into Victor in Jabot’s breakroom…. Vikki meant well – but there’s not much to celebrate about Christian’s life (of course, we know he’s not dead at all – but in the clutches of Dr Anderson and soon to be sent home with Sharon (making it the second time she’s endured a baby mix up at Fairview) … When did Chris become a ‘bully’? She’s always been pushy and annoying. On paper, she should be a character we all root for, yet I’m just hoping the next person who tries to run her over succeeds.