Monday, November 9th

It’s not just about Victor, Billy lists the other Newmans (and look at what Nick’s going through right now) Yeah but Jack sees a chance to get Abby and Chelsea back at Jabot. Where’s Ashley anyway? Phyllis still a hold out, Jack agrees to ‘not be a jerk’. But you want ME to make the offer? Yes – you’re the only one who can convince him, Billy says – good luck with that.

As Adam’s lead off, all gather when Victor comes along with paperwork – according to the Judge, my son’s not going anywhere.

Billy coaches Jack – who agrees the offer has to come from him. Off to meet Summer, Phyllis alarms Jack (she hopes this is part of his plan to pay Victor back for Marco – as he PROMISED)

As Chris flips pages, Victor sums it up – Adam’s staying for a few more days of healing. Fine, but Chris orders him handcuffed to the bed. After hugging Victor, Chelsea leaves him to tell Chris that Adam deserves this for saving lives. He then joins Adam in his room to say the same thing. It’ll give us time to work with Mike on an appeal (which we’ll win – mark my words)

At the club’s bar, Noah updates Marisa that Luca knows they were together at the gala. Marisa’s more worried about Eva – you have no idea what it’s like to be separated from your child. Noah kinda does – his Dad just lost Christian.

Vikki didn’t mean to compare – the feeling that you won’t survive will become less brutal. But you have three beautiful children – of course YOU can go on, Sage is calm but weepy. Vikki was also told she couldn’t have kids – Johnny’s not her biological child and Katie was a miracle. Yes, but Sage left her one miracle – he wasn’t here when I got back. Vikki tells Sage that Nick needs this memorial to say good bye. He loves you, she adds (as Nick enters)

Kissing both, Vikki leaves Nick and Sage to apologize to one another and discuss the memorial. Christian was here, and Nick needs to honour that – these rituals exist for a reason. We should be Christening him, Sage doesn’t need a reminder of the day she’ll never forget. If it brings you peace, go – but Sage won’t be coerced into going.

No, Noah doesn’t need Marisa to go back to GCM with him – it’s just family. She’s left to call Luca – meet me right now – in our suite.

Victor tells Chelsea and Adam to get some rest – he’ll keep them updated on the appeal. Did that just happen? Adam jokes. Yes, it did – your Father loves you.

In the hallway, Mike gives his condolences to Victor (who’s mind is on the appeal – he has something in mind) Billy sends Jack over to also express condolences. Victor appreciates that – now, what do you want? To help NE rise from the ashes.

Phyllis coaches Summer on how to support Nick – he’ll need a lot of hugs and love. When Nick enters the chapel, Summer launches into his arms, says I love you, then leaves Phyllis to tell Nick that he’s an amazing Father. Christian felt your love ~hug~ I’m so sorry.

In their suite, Marisa’s serving Mimosa’s and seduction. Not impressed, Luca suggests she stop lying (which catches Marissa off-guard)

Chelsea can see that something has changed between Adam and Victor – he wants to help you, and you’re letting him. This is what you’ve always wanted. Adam thinks it’d be nice not to feel rejected. Chelsea has much to look forward for (then reports that Sage isn’t handling her loss well)