Thursday, November 12th

Hilary’s not evil – she’s dealing with a lot, Devon thinks they need to be patient. He has faith in their love. Gwen hopes it works out for Devon and Hilary. Either way, she won’t let her have Neil without a fight.

Upstairs, Neil assures Hilary that no drug can change who she loves (and that’s Devon, not me) Yes, Gwen really did help take care of you. She must really love you, Hilary opines – do you love her too? Neil has real feelings for Gwen, but this about Hilary’s health. Take these pills. Even if I don’t want to love Devon? Hilary wonders what happens if she remembers everything – will I want to turn you in to the police? Neil doesn’t care – he wants Hilary to get better.

Victor’s always up to something – he’s concerned about Adam, Nikki says. Jack suspects he’s trying to lure Adam into a bargain. No, Jack can’t think of anything Victor might have over Senator Moxley. Nikki’s curious as to why Victor wants Judge Moxley on the appeal. Also curious, Jack thinks it time this constituent check in with his Senator.

Adam wants answers before he commits to any deal. What’s up with this Judge? Victor claims that she’s tough, her ruling will be respected. Adam sums it up – if he doesn’t agree to Victor’s deal, he’ll do the full ten years and he’ll tell Chelsea that Christian was his son. That’s right, Victor agrees. Pissed that Adam doesn’t want to go against Jack, Victor says he can’t offer Adam a better deal. OK then, Adam will agree to Victor’s deal.

Next: Ben grabs Ashley’s hand – you’re running scared from what’s between us because it makes you feel good. Tell me I’m wrong …. I thought I was the only one scheduled to meet with the Senator, Jack comes along to shake hands. Victor was just … Getting here first, he interrupts Senator Moxley…. Judge Moxley visits Adam; that’s right. You’re fate rests in my hands.

My Thoughts: Nikki’s only moving back to the ranch now? I thought she’s caved in a long time ago. If Victor is holding something over Judge Moxley’s head, why would she think he’d confide that to Jack? .. How horrible – a Judge who’s a wife, Mother and sticks to the letter of the law … Jack doesn’t need to protect Connor from Victor; Grandpa has no interest in the kid. He isn’t even visiting per the visitation he fought in court for. It’s a moot point anyway – Connor will be in the care of his Mother … The writing is on the wall – Gwen, Jabot’s accountant no less, will be GC’s next psychotic woman; all for a man twice her age who treats her like crap and only has ‘real feelings’ for her. What DO the writers have against women? … Why does Mike let Victor speak to him that way? He’s Adam’s attorney – he doesn’t need to take orders from Victor… Hilary is surprised to hear that she and Devon cheated on Neil while he was blind – but why wouldn’t she Google herself or ask Lily or Cane? … How shocking, someone running the other way when seeing Nikki at a charity event. Who wouldn’t? Every event Nikki throws ends in disaster. And how odd to hear her refer to Adam as her stepson.