Friday, November 13th

Chelsea in his bed again, Adam’s reading about the Moxley’s when Billy arrives. mentioning Katie’s 1st birthday party today, the purpose of his visit is to thank Adam.

At Jabot, Jack’s also reading about the Moxley’s; a power couple set to host some charity gala. After arranging to meet Senator Moxley for lunch, Jack hangs up as Phyllis arrives. Both wonder why Victor’s OK with the toughest Judge in town hearing Adam’s appeal.

The same online article is also Nikki’s focus as Vikki rambles on about whether it’s right to celebrate Katie’s birthday (so soon after Nick and Sage’s loss, the fire, Adam’s trial) Nikki thinks it reason the family should get together. Victor arrives at the club to say he wouldn’t miss his granddaughter’s birthday for anything.

At GCM, Abby finds Ben awakening from a nightmare – you were calling out for my Mother.

On the phone, Ashley wants to plan the most romantic wedding GC’s ever seen. No – it’s not mine, it’s my daughter’s, and the man she loves (she looks in at Abby fawning over Ben)

You mumbled something about not getting out – and my Mom, Abby prods. Ben guesses he was remembering. Remembering what? Wanting Ashley to save herself. But she didn’t save herself – she stayed with you, Abby reassures Ben that he’s safe; everything’s OK. Ashley arrives, at Abby’s request (she wants him to have company while she goes to Katie’s party) Tattling that Ben had a nightmare, Abby comments – you two went through hell.

Jack relays what Nikki told him – Victor pressured Judge Moxley to stay on the case – she wanted someone competent and above reproach. Phyllis scoffs – Victor has an angle. And that’s why Jack’s meeting Senator Moxley; to find out what Victor has on him. Adam deserves leniency, but Jack doesn’t want him to owe a life of servitude to Victor.

Thanking Adam for saving Abby and Ashley – though it might not sway Maximum Moxley, Billy’s not here to gloat – he’s genuinely grateful. But? Billy can’t deny he’s glad the appeal Judge isn’t one Victor can buy. You said you were ready to accept punishment – yet you file an appeal. Adam suggests Billy make peace with the situation. Tell it to the Judge, Billy exits.

Victor hopes Judge Moxley will be fair when deciding Adam’s fate. And what can he get Katie for her birthday? Chatter about Victor rejecting the Abbott’s offer end when Senator Moxley is seated nearby. No, Victor didn’t know he’d be here (but excuses himself to ‘be civil’) Nikki’s left to tell Vikki that she doesn’t know what’s going on, but WILL find out.

Ashley’s forgetting about the fire by focusing on the wedding. The wedding planner has so many great ideas. ‘Yes, exciting’, Ben lamely agrees with Abby. How about New Year’s Eve? In Mexico? Or India? Ashley suggests. Loving that idea, Abby kisses Ben, then her Mom and with an ‘I love you’ for both, heads off to Katie’s party. Now alone, Ashley basically tells Ben to get over it. He thinks her a great Mom, but a lousy liar.