Thursday, November 12th

Why do I need to be careful? Jack wonders – if you know something … Adam’s vague – you know Victor will stab you in the back. Jack leaves when Mike interrupts – to give Adam bad news (that he better take more seriously than his Father did)

Neil trusts Hilary to do the right thing. Gwen’s not happy that Neil doesn’t trust HER. With Neil determined to give Hilary the medication to get her health and memory back, what is Gwen supposed to do? Hope that your ex loves you so much she won’t turn you in?

Devon just wants Hilary to …. To remember this great love we supposedly had!? Hilary’s pissed – if she didn’t know better, she’d think she stayed away (from Devon) all these months on purpose. What does that mean? Do you remember something – who put you through this? Devon pounces. Hilary wants to be left alone – stop interrogating me, she marches out.

Nikki accosts Elise at the courthouse – to clear the air. If I’ve done anything to offend you… I’d like to apologize. No need, Elise says. Nikki wouldn’t want their issues to effect her stepson’s appeal. No fear of that, Elise is recusing herself. Why? Nikki wants to know.

At the club, Jack asks Victor what he expects of Adam in exchange for his help. Yes, it IS his concern. Victor’s helping his son – that’s what Father’s do. Jack knows there’s strings – what are they? Victor bids the ‘paranoid and delusional’ Jack a ‘good day’ and leaves him even more suspicious.

Back at her suite, Hilary removes her wedding rings, then gets a visit from Neil and Gwen. Yes, Gwen knows everything, and doesn’t have a problem with her boyfriends actions – he was doing the right thing. Devon wouldn’t agree, but no, Hilary didn’t tell him that his Father kidnapped her and hid her for months. No, Hilary hasn’t remembered Devon – she remembered how kind and gentle Neil was in the boathouse – YOU brought me back. She could feel the connection to Neil – it was so real. Gwen squirms.

Judge Moxley tells Nikki that she doesn’t need this battle – no one can make a Judge take a case they don’t want. Victor appears – of course you want this case, and will take it.

It’s not good, Mike can’t lie to Adam – and Victor’s in for a rude awakening with Judge Moxley.

A smug Victor thinks Judge Moxley one of the most respected Judges in GC. You will hear the case and make a ruling everyone respects. Victor holds her in high esteem and knows the consequences of a bad ruling. I’ll make no promises, Judge Moxley hurries off. She’s afraid of you, Nikki tells Victor (who then gets a call from Adam; I need to see you)

Hilary remembers flashes – Neil pleading with her to come back to Devon. How can you be so noble after what we did to you? It’s inspiring. Gwen steps forward to say that she was there every day too (and isn’t surprised by Hilary’s selective memory) Take these pills so we can all move on with our lives (and Hilary can stop making yes at the ex she cheated on) That’s not necessary, Neil asks Gwen to wait downstairs for him. After she huffs out, Neil tells Hilary to take the pills; they’ll restore your health and memories. The pills put in her hand, Hilary’s not worried about her health, she’s worried they’ll effect her heart (and make her love someone she’s not supposed to love)

At the bar, Devon mopes over his ring as he flashes back to being in bed with Hilary; looking forward to a life together. Gwen marches over to order a double vodka on the rocks (and whine about the evil, manipulative Hilary being back – and after Neil)

Moxley? Really Chris? Mike gripe about the smug and self righteous Judge. Chris is happy to have a Judge not in Victor’s pocket (like Mike is) She doesn’t want this appeal to involve mud slinging. You’re going after Victor Newman’s son – someone will get dirty, Mike warns.

Jack accosts Nikki as soon as she comes through the club’s revolving door – what’s Victor up to now?

Victor visits Adam to relay Jack being concerned about his well being. Did Adam think about rebuilding NE together? Yes, he did. And? What have you decided?