Friday, November 13th

At the office, Phyllis and Billy update one another. Jack’s off to see what Victor has on the Moxley’s – and Adam wasn’t acting like a guy going to prison for ten years. What if Victor pulls strings that free Adam? Billy will blame Victor more than Adam. Why did her offer him Jabot space? For Vikki. Billy will make sure Victor pays.

As Vikki leaves, Nikki assures a nervous Vikki that Victor and Billy will behave – they both love Katie. Across the room, the Senator makes it clear that he doesn’t influence Elise’s rulings. Jack arrives – not surprised that Victor got there first. Don’t I always? Victor chortles.

Chelsea frets about the appeal. Adam’s sure he won’t serve the ten years. Now go to the party. You did it, didn’t you? she sighs – you cut a deal with your Father.

Tidying up toys, the house decorated, Abby confides that she’s worried about Ben and her Mom; who told her that when they thought they wouldn’t make it out, they talked about Ben’s love for me.

Ashley doesn’t think they meant what they said in the face of death – you and Abby are engaged to be married – can you TRY to be a little enthusiastic about that by the way? But Ashley is the woman of Ben’s dreams. No, I’m the woman from your nightmares. What’s with you and self sabotage!? What can’t you let yourself be happy!? a frustrated Ashley snaps.

What’s the pay off for Victor? Did he threaten you? What could Victor have on you that isn’t public by now? Maybe he wants what I do – a real Father/son relationship. It feels wrong to Chelsea – he dangles his Fatherly love like a carrot, to control you. Adam doesn’t care if Victor’s using him – I’m using him too (and I win) Now go to the party – stop worrying ~kiss~ OK, but Chelsea knows that Victor always comes out on top.

Victor was talking to the Senator about his wife’s well deserved reputation for fairness. Senator Moxley repeats that he never interferes in his wife’s business. He comments on Jack’s contributions (wondering why he never receives anything from Victor) He knows the Senator is a man if integrity – he can’t be bought. Have a good day, Victor strides off.

Billy assures that Victor won’t get away with the pain he’s caused the Abbott’s – but he won’t risk losing Vikki. Phyllis wants in on the plan – she has her own reasons for wanting Victor to pay, We’re in this together, she says – as Billy shakes her hand.

Victor rejoins Nikki to shock her; he doesn’t have anything on Senator Moxley – but Judge Moxley is having an affair. Nikki sends Victor ahead to the party – she needs to get a gift (but is left still looking stunned)

That’s right – your fate rests in my hands, Judge Moxley drops by Adam’s room. There’s nothing normal about this case. She’s gone over the details of the case – Mike’s a great attorney, but it defies belief that you’d get off with a slap on the wrist. Adam protests that he’ll miss ten years of his son’s life. But yes, Delia’s parents will miss more than that, he agrees. But still – there are grounds to ask that the sentence be suspended or reduced. There’s not enough to have the sentence reversed, the Judge says. Then why the hell are you here? Adam snarls.

Setting up for s’mores, Vikki’s so happy for Abby – Ben’s obviously crazy about you ~hug~ And your Mom wants you to be happy.

Ashley elaborates; Ben’s first marriage ended because he martyred himself to protect his Mother. And you haven’t seen your son since! You did the same thing with Vikki – pushing her into Billy’s arms. Ashley won’t let Ben walk away from Abby – you’ll be happy like it or not!!! Ben grabs her arm – you do the same thing – you’re running scared from what’s between us because it makes you feel good. Tell me I’m wrong.

Ashley didn’t run scared when they were trapped in that room together. We connected for a millisecond – when we thought we’d die. Ashley scoffs at Ben’s ego – her heart isn’t broken. My daughter loves you. Ben can’t think about the future unless Abby knows the truth – about everything.

As Abby chats to Katie, Chelsea tells Johnny that Connor’s home with a cold. When Victor arrives with a gift, Vikki asks where Mom is. She’s coming. As Abby and Vikki wonder why Victor’s in such a good mood (with Adam going to prison) Billy and Phyllis arrive. Jack? He’s at a meeting but will be here soon. As Billy and Victor meet eyes, Vikki reminds; keep the peace. The Abbott’s tried, Billy says. Aside, Chelsea lets Victor know that Adam told her everything – we don’t have any secrets anymore. Great, Victor smirks.