Monday, November 16th

Adam doesn’t know what his Father has on Judge Moxley. Nikki does – she had an affair. Did Victor also tell you it was with him?? When? Nikki glares. Years ago when the Moxley’s children were young. Victor was a confidante, a good friend. He offered advice and comfort. So, in other words, he seduced you, Nikki concludes with scorn.

Katie’s party is all business. Abby and Vikki are thrilled – we’ll all be working together. Jack’s not sure the offer’s still on the table. Billy insists it is – we must come together to fight Paragon. Victor agrees with Billy Boy – and will accept the offer in the spirit it was made.

At the tackhouse, Sage finds Nick mulling over a birthday card for Katie – she won’t take away from this big day for Katie or Vikki. But no, she can’t pop over to Vikki’s with Nick.

We both deserve to be happy, Ashley agrees – so don’t screw things up with Abby. She leaves Dylan to question Ben – what was all that about??

We were just talking about how grateful we are to be alive, Ben tells Dylan that Abby saved both him and Ashley. Dylan won’t let Ben paint him as a hero – I need your help with something.

Nick understands that it’s too soon for Sage to go out. She’ll be fine alone; will probably nap. Please go – don’t miss a family celebration because of me. Nick agrees to go for a bit – call if you need anything. Without so much as a quick kiss, Nick leaves Sage to hold the blue blankie; Christian.

Ashley arrives to hear that Victor’s accepted her brother’s kind offer (which the CEO wasn’t aware of) Phyllis suggests they all look towards the future.

Judge Moxley won’t do what Victor (and now Nikki) wants – she won’t compromise her integrity so Adam can avoid paying for his crime. Nikki thinks that admirable – but think it through – it won’t be just you, it’ll be your family. Victor will run down everything in his path. I’ve seen him do it, Adam adds. You’re wrong – your husband and I have nothing in common, Elise huffs out. Nikki knows what Victor’s getting out of the deal – Adam’s soul.

Nikki bumps into Nick outside Vikki’s front door. There’s no place he’d rather be (and Sage insisted) She’d rather be alone than with me (just as he pushed Sharon away)

Sage awakens from a nightmare (she’s trapped in a straight jacket unable as a baby cries)

As Nikki and Nick join the party, Phyllis continues her ‘join forces’ spiel – maybe we can put this family feud behind us once and for all. Hearing that Victor just accepted Billy’s offer to move into Jabot, Nikki sniffs – your Father will do whatever it takes to help his family.

Unable to give Dylan much info on Dr Neville, Ben’s encouraged to confide – so relays telling Ashley ‘I love you” while trapped in the fire. And do you? Dylan cuts to the chase.