Monday, November 16th

Ben’s going to marry Abby. But that doesn’t answer the question; do you love Ashley? Ben goes over his history with the beautiful, brilliant, incredible Ashley. When trapped in the fire, those feelings came pouring out. She doesn’t want Ben to tell Abby – wants her daughter to be happy. Both chuckle – love, life it’s messy and complicated, Dylan knows – you doubt your own judgment – afraid things will fail – again. Ben must ask himself – what do you really want? Without hesitation, he answers – marry Abby and make all her dreams come true.

Katie asleep, Billy tells Vikki to help Johnny blow out the candle (as it’s her birthday too) All applaud. Abby chats to the sleeping heiress about finding Prince Charming. Chelsea asks if she and Stitch want kids. After the wedding of the century, Ashley agrees. Abby bids all farewell – next family get together will be her wedding. As Nick’s telling Victor he wants to come back to work, Jack notices Nikki ignoring Victor and leaving.

A nurse from the neonatal ward (Susan) greets Sage at GCM with condolences. Sage then visits Adam; who tells her that he won’t be going to prison after all. Why is he so sad then? Everything comes with a price.

Delivering a cupcake and a kiss to Ben, Abby gushes about Katie – and possibly being a Mother herself in a few years. You do want to have kids with me don’t you? she probes.

The party guests dwindling, Nick comments to Vikki that Dad didn’t seem that thrilled about him coming back to work. Jack defends his and Billy’s ‘rash’ decision to Ashley (who then leaves) Billy comes downstairs with Phyllis (who was helping him put Johnny down) Now alone, Vikki thinks the day went well – Dad even accepted your help ~hug~ Billy agrees with a sly smile – couldn’t have asked for a better outcome.

At the club, Victor scolds Nikki ignoring him at the party – and leaving without telling him. You BETTER talk about it. Ok! Wanna know what’s in my mind?! Your affair with Elise Moxley!

Elise told me everything – including that you’re using the affair to help Adam. No, Nikki’s not jealous. Victor points out that Nikki was married to Jack – he was single. Elise was the only one cheating. You didn’t care about her marriage? Nikki’s indignant. I SAVED her marriage, Victor claims.

At Jabot, Jack proposes NE use the 3rd floor. Security and IT are in high alert. Ashley wonders who they should be watching – Victor or you and Billy. Jack would never do anything to harm Jabot. Phyllis stays quiet as Ashley grumbles about her brother’s surprises.

Ben’s made a mess of things with Max. No, you’re a good Father (and will be to our kids) Abby insists. She’s never considered herself the maternal type, but watching Billy and Vikki today … It always starts out that way, Ben sighs (causing Abby to wonder if he’s implying they won’t last – or WE won’t last)

Nick’s at CL’s for coffee and a chat with Dylan (about Sage and his own glum mood) What are you doing here? Dylan has to ask. Nick can’t go home. To your house? No, to Sage.

Back at GCM, Sage can’t imagine letting go of this pain. Adam understands – he’s never been able to let go of anything; pain, rage.. Sage sits on his bed – we’re a lot alike – that’s why when things go wrong, I end up with you – you got me through losing Gabe and Constance. And now, instead of being with Nick, I’m here with you. Chelsea bursts in – am I interrupting something?

Ben’s track record makes him a bit nervous is all. YOUR track record? Abby’s had more bad relationships than Taylor Swift – but our exes are in the past. This is the real deal; love, marriage, kids. Ben agrees – I love you ~kiss~

Still at the office, Ashley’s on the phone fretting about a ‘sharp decrease’ – but distracted by a flashback of Ben telling her he loves her ~kiss~

Jack wonders why Phyllis is supporting the plan to help Victor – what are you up to? It’s about righting a wrong, Phyllis leaves him puzzled.

Vikki’s suspicious about Jack and Billy supporting Victor – perhaps this isn’t a good idea. She gets the feeling Billy’s up to something. Trust me, Billy assures all will be fine (but again gives an over the shoulder look that says otherwise)