Monday, November 16th

How did Victor save the Moxley marriage? Elise left her husband – Victor told her to go back; nothing is more important than family. She listened. The affair was a wake up call. Now Victor can save his son and the Moxley family remains intact. Victor doesn’t see anything wrong with that. You wouldn’t, Nikki clip clops off.

Nick can’t say the right things to Sage – he can’t fix this. She needs the help of the Father of her child, Dylan says.

Meanwhile, after Sage leaves, Chelsea wonders to Adam why Sage isn’t turning to Nick for comfort. Adam doesn’t know.

Nurse Susan is on the phone in a small, dark nursery. I got him out of the hospital with no trouble. He’s out of the incubator and doing just fine – aren’t you Christian?


Next: What happened to her? Devon’s crouched beside Hilary (unconscious on her sofa) Neil points at Dylan – I told you not to push too hard! … What are you doing here?! Adam’s hacker friend pays a visit (in scrubs) I had to see you. We have a problem – a big one .. Paragon’s back, Ashley carries a laptop into her office (Billy on her heels) Jack and Victor look stunned.

My Thoughts: So this is the new and improved Abby? She thinks Ben’s a good Father to Max?! How!? He manages to make all his video chats on time? Not once has he been to see his son, or shown any desire to. If he was that great a Dad, he wouldn’t have left his son to protect his Mother … Of course Christian is alive and well. But how exactly did nurse Susan smuggle him out of GCM? And how much money would be enough for her to help pull off this evil scheme? It can’t be nearly as much as Nick would have given her to expose and stop it… How long is Ben going to lay around taking up a hospital bed? .. Victor’s demented. How can he possibly tell Elise Moxley that her ‘family comes first’ while in bed with her? It’d be great if the honourable Judge Moxley had Victor brought up on blackmailing charge – but of course, she’ll go along with helping Adam. It’d look better if she gave him at least a year… After all she’s forgiven, and now Nikki’s in a snit over an affair Victor had while she was married to Jack? And surely she’s not scolding Victor for having an affair with a married woman while he was single – she’s no stranger to infidelity herself .. For all this talk of family, none of Vikki’s remembered it was also her birthday today… This is hardly a power play, Chelsea tells Ashley (she should really stick to making frocks – the CEO has every right to be pissed about being blindsided by her brothers offering office space to their arch enemy)