Tuesday, November 17th

Not much time today – off to the dentist.

At Jabot, Ashley again grumbles about Newman setting up shop there – and will be keeping an eye on her brothers. Billy’s had the 3rd floor cleaned and the wifi partitioned. Victor appears to complain that the 3rd floor is in disrepair. Vikki’s sure they’ll make do. It’s just as hard on him, she whispers to the Abbott’s. That remains to be seen, Jack frowns.

Getting a call from the fire inspector, Paul has a surprising update for Chris – no bodies were found; Patty and Ian are out there somewhere. When Chelsea arrives to ask if Adam can stay on at GCM, Chris and Paul let her know that Adam lied again – about Ian.

What he hell are you doing here? Adam’s shocked when his hacker friend shows up in scrubs. We have a problem, he says – a big one.

At the club, Lily sympathizes with Devon (who doesn’t really have his wife back – she wants Neil; hopefully he gets through to her) They know Gwen’s not too happy about the situation either.

Wishing Emma had come to her about Dr Neville, Gwen asks if she knows where he is – she and Neil have a lot riding on them finding that doctor.

In her suite, Neil badgers Hilary into taking her meds. Dylan comes knocking – he has a new lead (which Neil was supposed to tell her) Why didn’t you? Dylan asks.

Devon reports that Gwen’s insecure, threatened and jealous. Lily agrees that Hilary will remember her connection with Devon and come back to him soon. As for her and Cane, he’s still staying at the club. Hearing there’s a new lead, she hopes Cane will be cleared. Both hope the police will find this doctor – and who was hiding Hilary (so Devon can nail them to a wall)

Gwen interrogates Emma on Dr Neville. Why is it YOUR mission to find him? she wonders.

Neil was waiting to see if the lead was credible. It is, Dylan asks to question Hilary in private. Neil reluctantly stepping out, Dylan tells Hilary that she may remember more than she realizes.

With no bodies found, the Williams have to wonder if Adam lied. They only have his word that Ian was there at all. After Paul exits, Chris lets Chelsea know that she’s having Adam moved to a maximum facility – Victor won’t be able to stop me this time.