Tuesday, November 17th

In NE’s new office space Jack tells Victor that it looks like Paragon snuffed itself out in the blaze. Victor doesn’t look convinced.

Chatting in the hallway, Billy’s ‘giddiness’ makes Vikki wonder if he’s up to something. Laptop in hand, Ashley marches past them and into the office – we have an emergency; Paragon’s back. Victor and Jack are stunned.

Adam looks at the tablet – Paragon’s still out there and getting worse. The hacker was hoping to turn it off – but someone’s still controlling it. Almost like … Ian’s still alive, Adam says, The hacker exits as Chelsea arrives looking like she has something to say.

Three Abbott’s and two Newman’s fret over Paragon – which is messing up both their companies. Ashley barks into her phone – check the electrical room, fire system etc – this building is your top priority ~click~ Victor wonders if Ian Ward didn’t die after all. Paul arrives to announce – that might be the case.

Gwen’s just trying to help Hilary – she remembers Neil, not Devon as her husband. It’s a lot more complicated even than before.

Neil joins his kids downstairs – Dylan’s pushing Hilary to remember something about this doctor. He’s getting her hopes up. What do we know about this doctor? Devon knows a lot – he’s a neurology start fired for his unorthodox methods. Neil’s not comfortable with Dylan pursuing this with Hilary. Devon is – he might get somewhere.

Dylan shares his theory – the doctor treating her dropped her off at the hospital. Do you remember hearing anything while you were out? No. This doctor pumped you full of drugs. Does the name Simon Neville mean anything to you? Shown a picture on Dylan’s phone, Hilary faints onto the sofa.

Dylan should let the cops and trained professionals handle this, Neil thinks. Devon points out that Dylan’s the only one who’s made any progress. He trusts the man – you must too (since you left him alone with Hilary) Lily races over – there’s an emergency upstairs.

Hang in there, Dylan tells Hilary as the threesome busts in. I told you not to push her too hard! Neil blasts Dylan (who relays that she fainted when looking at a photo of Dr Neville)