Tuesday, November 17th

Jack’s equally stunned to hear that Patty got out – she had no pulse – she was trapped. Paul’s not blaming Jack – Patty beat the odds. When Billy wonders if Ian was there at all, Victor’s insulted by the implication that his son lied.

Chelsea updates Adam that Ian didn’t die in the fire – he’s out there planning his next strike. Adam insists there’s no way Ian could have made it out. You think I’m lying???

Surrounded in her hospital bed, Hilary feels just fine and wants to leave. Not so fast – blood tests are ordered (and a tox screen at Devon’s suggestion) Devon will stay – I’m still Hilary’s husband. In the hallway, Neil apologizes for yelling at Dylan. You’re just doing your job. Dylan’s vague when asked about the doctor. We’ll get to the bottom of it. After updating Lily, Neil blasts Gwen – it’s her fault for convincing him to give Hilary the pills.

Back at Jabot, IT is put on high alert – shutting down computers to try contain the virus. Billy’s cavalier attitude again makes Ashley wonder if he has an ulterior motive to giving Victor space to rebuild.

Chelsea knows Adam wouldn’t lie to her again, but if Ian DID escape, people might think Adam helped him. What if Victor thought that? Victor appears – I DO think that, and a whole lot more.

Gwen can’t believe Neil’s blaming her. She didn’t make Neil do anything. You’re making a scene, Neil tells her to calm down. I’m going to check on Hilary, he leaves Lily to give Gwen some advice – be patient with him. My Dad’s grateful to have you by his side.


Paul arrives for questions for Dylan (and isn’t happy to hear he questioned Hilary – there’s a protocol! You haven’t been trained) Why are you so worked up? Dylan asks. You might have missed something in the Newman ballroom. If so, a lot of innocent people could pay for that mistake.

Paragon’s back and Ian’s not dead, Victor won’t be played by Adam (or keep the lair out of prison) When Adam describes the scene he left, Chelsea chimes in – he’s telling the truth. Victor raises his voice – NO ONE saw Ian Ward that night – Paragon is going full tilt. Chris arrives with a cop – it’s time – your ten years starts today.

Billy denies he’s up to anything. Are you trying to finish Newman off? Ashley growls. As Vikki returns, Ashley suggests that Paragon’s not being controlled by Adam or Ian. What if you’re using it to finish off Newman once and for all?

Devon fusses over Hilary. He knows she wants him to stay away – it kills him to see her hurt. You need to know you’ll be OK. I won’t walk away from you now. Outside, Neil questions Emma (who can’t tell him the results) I’m the only one she trusts, Neil says – I’ve been responsible for her ever since ….. Since what? OMG – were you the one who paid Dr Neville to treat her?!

Ian can’t be alive, Dylan thinks Adam may have lied about him being there. Paul couldn’t let Dylan stay in the ballroom any longer. You’re not trained to survey a crime scene. Paul realizes he’s given Dylan too much leeway. It’s not about trust. But you’re not a cop and I shouldn’t be treating you like one.

Ashley knows Billy would do anything to bring Newman down. Jack wonders too. Billy couldn’t do this – he’s no computer genius – he wouldn’t know where to find one. I had nothing to do with Paragon. Even if he’d do it to Newman, he sure as hell wouldn’t do it to Jabot. After Billy storms out, Vikki has to admit she suspects Billy too. In the hallway, Billy calls Phyllis – our plan’s hit a snag.

I love you, Adam tells Chelsea as he’s lead out. Victor’s left to tell Chelsea that she can’t trust Adam. What are you going to do? she frets. Find Ian Ward and end this disaster once and for all, Victor promises.

Next: No matter how many times I tell you I’m sorry it’s never enough for you. I can’t be here, Lily snarls at Cane (Joe behind him) … Jack confronts Phyllis – I’m not letting my wife and my brother walk into Victor’s cross-hairs. Tell me what Billy has planned so I can do damage control (from another office, Billy listens in)