Wednesday, November 18th

At the station, Chelsea badgers Mike – Victor can’t pull his support now. He can and he has – Victor does what he wants. Chelsea won’t hear of it – she wants Adam out of prison now!

A guard enters Adam’s cell – time to play with the other kiddies – can’t hide behind your rich Daddy here.

In the hallway, Phyllis tells Victor that Jack and Billy are in a meeting. Ignoring her, Victor barges in to say they’re having a meeting about a company that soon won’t exist. Do I have your attention now? (he does)

Yes, Devon DOES need to be with Hilary – he should have gone with her on the hike. You just want me to fall into your arms and say I love you, Hilary growls – she just wants Neil! Stay away from me! Lily arrives – everything will be OK. Not until Neil’s back, Hilary scowls.

In the hallway, Emma’s interrogation of Neil is interrupted by Gwen – we just want Hilary to get her memory back so we can ALL move on with our lives, she says.

Paul takes the tox screen folder as the nurse is about to deliver it to Dylan. What does it say? The drug combo Dr Neville gave Hilary – her levels are still up. Looking at the file, Dylan concludes someone’s still dosing her – but who?!

Joe joins Cane at the bar – next round’s on me. How’d you get out of the electrical room? The explosion blew the door off – Cane couldn’t get upstairs so ended up in the loading dock. How were things in the ballroom? Everyone was freaking out – Joe kept everyone calm, lead by example. Huh – Cane supposes those heroics occurred before you took Abby’s spot on the helicopter.

Victor, Phyllis and the Abbott boys hypothesize about Adam’s story (which Victor no longer believes) Who the hell knows if Ian Ward was even there? His body wasn’t found – Paragon is still in the attack. Jack scolds Victor for not giving his son the benefit of the doubt. Paragon is destroying out companies, Victor says – it’s our common enemy. A common enemy is one heck of a bond, Billy quips.

Chelsea insists on going to visit Adam with Mike. She needs to look into his eyes as she asks him whether he was willing to risk a life with her for revenge on his Father. Let’s go!

Asking Devon to leave, Paul and Dylan tell Hilary that her levels are up. Unless you took the medication unknowingly, Whomever gave it to you, gave you something dangerous. Tell us who it is so we can protect you.

Shouldn’t Emma be working instead of throwing around accusations? Emma will leave Neil and Gwen to whatever it is they’re up to – she’s out of it. Neil thanks Gwen for saving his ass. She doesn’t like lying to her sister – we could go to jail for this. Neil worries Hilary’s tox screen will result in a lot of questions – we need to find answers fast. As they approach Hilary’s room, Lily and Devon tell them they can’t go in there right now (and why)