Friday, November 27th

Chelsea just reminded Victor of the list of lives Adam saved – he sees (and loves) the man you are. Adam’s more caustic – he needs me to do something for him – or wants to grind me into the ground for good. No, Chelsea’s sure Adam’s coming home today. Believe me? Yes – OK.

Billy and Vikki are the first to arrive at the courthouse. Hopefully the justice Delia got won’t be wiped out today. Chloe promised she won’t show up (to dish out her own justice again) When Mike arrives, Billy confirms that he doesn’t hold this against him (you’re just doing your job) In the hallway, Victor asks Abby to testify on Adam’s behalf. No way in hell, she says.

Lily finds Cane (drinking) at the bar. He updates her that the evidence is inadmissible, but Paul believes him. Lily’s such an idiot – what was I thinking? She also made the mistake of telling Joe that Cane searched his room. He’s going to retaliate, she warns. Meanwhile, Joe shows up at Paul’s office – to report a burglary.

In Ashley’s office, Phyllis goes to work on the Topher (the hacker). You DO have something I want, and I can be a lot more convincing than Victor.

Victor tells Abby that Billy was negligent in leaving Delia alone in his car. Abby thinks it time Victor cut Adam loose. He won’t do that – after all is said and done, he’s your brother. And Delia’s your cousin, Billy appears to remind.

Flanked by Vikki and Abby, Billy rants at Victor (who wants Adam free to dance on Delia’s grave) Chelsea appears to say that Adam’s sorry; you know that. Chris and Mike interrupt the tension. I can’t stand that man, Victor’s left to hiss (then tells Mike that Abby will be testifying) Why Abby? Chelsea thought the appeal was guaranteed. Not quite yet (Judge Moxley arrives to stare at Victor)

In full cougar mode, Phyllis asks Topher to use his skills for good – be a hero – the hero always gets the girl. Topher the remembers one thing he didn’t tell Victor – he and Ian communicated over encrypted video chat. Phyllis had an idea – how about you and I make a video?

Chris talks about the sentence bringing Delia’s family closure. Reducing it would be a travesty of justice. Judge Moxley thanks her for the powerful argument. Victor turns around to tell Abby that her family needs her – don’t let us down. Mike uses his turn to describe Adam’s heroics the night of the fire. As Abby nods (remembering that Adam saved her) Mike’s allowed to call her to the stand. Chris fumes as Mike leads Abby in painting Adam as a hero. Yes, she thinks he’s suffered from what happened that night.

Topher records Phyllis on his phone – she said some horrible things, but you’re right about one thing; I want Victor to suffer. Sure she was angry at him, but she wants to warn the man who made her Trout Almondine – Victor’s setting a trap. Contact me – even just to tell me you’re still alive. Topher thinks that should get his attention. In parts unknown, a man watches the video and clicks his mouse. Hello Ian, Phyllis says into the camera.

Yes, Joe’s sure his room was ransacked – Lily told him Cane was there. Paul pulls out the bagged hoody – recognize that?